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Like alot of other women around the globe, I have an underactive thyroid.

I take meds for it that bounce it back into a “normal” range.. but the funny (or not so funny) thing is that there are so many women who are tired and struggling to get through the day – but when they go to the doctor the doctor tests their thyroid and it comes back in the “normal” range.

This was me. I was exhausted, dragging myself out of bed in the morning, struggling to stay awake – but my thyroid (TSH) levels kept going up and up.

The problem wasn’t me, the problem was that the goal posts are in the wrong place.

A patient can have all the symptoms, is on Struggle Street, yet the doctor says there’s nothing wrong with them, *yet*. This happens all the time. Why?

Because traditional medicine has accepted a figure for the TSH level as “normal” that isn’t normal. It’s so-so normal. It’s not VIBRANT, HEALTHY normal.

Now Leah, what does this have to do with me and my business?

Those around you who have settled for mediocre will try to convince you of a new “normal”.

It’s normal to work 9-5.
It’s normal to have a capped income.
It’s normal to only get 4 weeks off a year.
It’s normal to hate Mondays.
It’s normal to live for the weekend.
It’s normal to live in self-doubt.

Where many settle for less, a new “normal” is created, and this new “normal is unacceptable.

I want to tell you and show you what’s possible.

You can banish self doubt.
You can be filled with confidence.
You can have absolute clarity.
You can create a business you love.
You can love Mondays.
You can combine business and purpose.
You can do what you love and earn good money from it.

Decide with me today not to join those who settle.
Not to settle for mediocre.
And not to claim and settle for something as “normal” that’s actually unacceptable.

Comment below your decision!


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