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12k spent on a coach years ago that had no idea.
13k spent on a website for my online store that didn’t function properly.
5k spent on a magazine advert that didn’t convert very highly.
Years in an abusive relationship.
Everything has a lesson that gets you one step closer to your big vision. EVERYTHING.
You can CHOOSE to live in regret, or you can choose to learn the lesson.
Leah Bridge Brand Strategist
Coach that had no idea showed me how NOT to sell, how I DIDN’T want to treat my clients, how I DON’T want to run my business. (this kind of clarity is actually amazing). Does this mean ALL coaches are the same – no.
Website that didn’t function showed me throwing $$ at stuff doesn’t always fix things. You need a plan. A strategy. You need wisdom from experts. Does this mean I should never have a website again? – no.
Magazine advert that didn’t convert showed me to test things first and get that working before throwing more that way. Does this mean magazine advertising doesn’t work for ANYONE? – no.
My ex showed me how bloody strong and courageous I am. He taught me that I need to value and love myself inside out and to never settle again. He gave me a fire in my belly to campaign against sick, abusive men like him and to mentor others to get out of abusive relationships. Does this mean ALL men are dick heads? – no.
So yeah. Mistakes made. Lessons learned. More people’s lives changed for the better.
Would I want to do it all again? Hell no!
But am I going to choose to live in regret or am I going to take these juicy lessons and allow them to give me more of what I want?
You bet I’ll choose the lessons and free myself to get out there and LIVE my life.
Forgive yourself.
Learn the lessons.
Say cheers to the dick heads.
Don’t let ANYTHING stop you.
Keep smashing the path to your dreams.
What do you need to forgive yourself for?
It's Time To Forgive Yourself

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