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I was such a proud person when my boss (at the time) said “No man is an island”. I didn’t understand it at the time but after doing 2 businesses for 6 years I can officially say “I get it!”.

I had someone recently tell me that it was my choice to grow my business by collaboration, and that I needed to respect her decision not to. I was left extremely confused, as she wrote this comment in a Facebook Group, where everyone was in the business of… collaborating!

To collaborate doesn’t mean that you relinquish control of your business – quite the opposite. It empowers you to have MORE control of your business and to grow it in ways you hadn’t possibly considered.

Ego says I can do it all myself, humility says I need others to help.
Ego says I know it all, humility says I don’t know everything and I can learn from others.
Ego says I don’t need to collaborate, humility says we all needs to support each other to grow.
Ego says I’m better than everyone, humility says I have something to learn from everyone.

If you have ever –
  • Had someone refer you work.
  • Been active in a Facebook group.
  • Been a guest blogger.
  • Had someone give you useful advice.
  • Been to a networking or conference function.
  • Had a coach/mentor or hired someone for their skills.
  • Been interviewed on a podcast.
  • Brainstormed ideas with a buddy.
  • Had a whinge about your business to someone that knows.
… Then are collaborating!
You can’t get there alone, so why try?
Take the journey with others, it’s more fun that way!
What has been your most valuable collaboration? Can you think of other ways to collaborate?
Outshine your competition

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