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“I don’t know how to promote myself”

“I don’t know what to say when people ask me what it is I do”

“I don’t feel comfortable selling myself”


These are statements that I hear literally every single week from the mouths of smart female entrepreneurs around the globe.

They don’t like/don’t know how to promote themselves and their value, and so they avoid it, or they show up in a way that doesn’t feel authentic to them..

And they just DON’T want to promote themselves..

The problem with this is that you’re in business.. here to bring home the moolah! Here to make bank. Here to earn what your expertise deserves..

Which you can’t do if you aren’t getting your hustle on, if you’re underselling your capabilities, if you’re undercharging, or not capitalising on the amazing opportunities worth tens of thousands of dollars that open up for you every single month.

If this is sounding realllllyyyy familiar to you, it’s not your fault.

When are we, as women, taught to celebrate ourselves? When are we provided a safe space where can we rise up in our full power, full awesomeness without being torn down?

A place where experts can grow in confidence, ridding themselves of self doubt and shedding the all too familiar imposter syndrome that has been holding them captive and capping their income for years?

The problem is two fold:


Knowing exactly HOW to communicate your value and essence to the world in a way that feels aligned to you, but also speaks directly to the heart of your dream clients and makes them want to work with you!


HOW you show up is everything, you can have 50% less experience, but 50% more confidence and still shit all over your competition. Sad, but true! So it’s time to step up and deal with this pervasive confidence issue that will not go away on it’s own.. because how you show up impacts how responsive your dream clients will be to your message.

We had a client who recently worked with us and has increased her income by 350%. 350%!!! She hasn’t launched her amazing new communications and visuals yet, so this is just from refocusing her and tweaking her confidence mindset ALONE. Incredible, right?

Now, if you’re thinking, ouch. This is so familiar. I have a huge earning capacity. Amazing opportunities. A brand that doesn’t represent me and a lack of self confidence when it comes to owning my value and expertise..

Then I’d love to invite you to book a 1:1 chat with me so we can pinpoint what’s keeping you stuck, and chat through the very real possibilities that open up for you once you become Unstoppable – with killer confidence and a fail-proof plan to explain and showcase your value and magic to the world.

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