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Here’s why you need to STOP asking for feedback.

I see this all TOO OFTEN in Facebook groups.

For website design.
Copywriting feedback.
Facebook ads.
Business Name feedback.
Logo design feedback.


You’re not asking your target (aka someone who will experience your product/service). Instead you’re asking in FB groups. You’re asking your friends. Your husband. This includes your mum!!!! She is not allowed to give you feedback. NEVER! haha.

But seriously. If you are targeting professionals earning over 100k. Why are you asking those that are working full time and barely scraping together funds for their part time side project?

In fact – if you’re popping the question out into the interweb never-never.. you DO NOT KNOW what their circumstances are.

You’re asking those that ARE NOT IMPACTED by the answer they give you. They’re not committed. They are not INVESTED in what you’re doing. Their care-factor is low.

If you find yourself regularly asking for this kind of feedback – think –

1. Why am I not willing to invest in ME by getting professional help?
2. Who exactly am I targeting?

Also. Ask professionals! Ask those that GET RESULTS day in, day out for their clients/customers.

Know WHO you’re targeting.
Know WHAT to ask.

Ask the RIGHT people.
People that ARE invested.
People that ARE impacted by their answer.

Go get ’em tiger! xo

Why you should stop asking for feedback

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