Andrea Smith

‘Doubled my income & proud of myself’

From wondering why things couldn’t be easier and not feeling confident to put her business out there because it didn’t represent her..

.. to feeling successful, much more confident that this is my expertise area, doubling her income, working with fantastic clients that she loves working with!

Want some of this? Watch Andrea’s journey above!

  • Before I found Leah and the team I was lacking momentum, didn’t feel confident speaking to people about what I did and knew my brand didn’t showcase what I can actually do. Now I feel so much more confident that I can actually do this because my expertise area is my own little carved out piece in my niche! I have doubled my income, I’m working with fantastic clients that I’m LOVING working with and that will keep coming back. Definitely work with the team because the results way outweigh the investment and it gets you where you want to go a lot faster!

    Andrea Smith
    Andrea Smith

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