‘Achieving ten times more’

From feeling stressed and burnt out, so busy being the little hamster on the wheel working IN her 7 year old business that she was running fast, but getting nowhere..

.. to achieving ten times more with more life balance, and moving her five year plan forward five years and living her dream business now.

Sounds impossible, but it’s true! Watch Nicola’s journey below.

want to become a confident & unstoppable premium expert?

The old.

Nicola’s old strategy was to leverage her personal brand and her qualifications – she’s a talented digital marketer, but by golly this is not all she is.. something that she wasn’t showcasing to her dream clients.

When we first chatted it immediately became obvious that there was sooo much more gold she could be tapping into when it came to defining her dream business and value and communicating this to the right people.

The new.

Unlike the old strategy which focused on WHAT she does, the new strategy, communications and brand all represent her brilliance and the company that she is building.

Nicola Dore Arcane Agency
Nicola Dore Arcane Agency
  • Working with The Golden Goose team has fast tracked my 5 year goals - like moving into an office space! My brand is amazing, my income will continue to grow, but the biggest result for me has been that work-life balance which I had been lacking for years and hadn't realised how burnt out and stressed I was. Now I am really excited about my business, I'm not working as hard, but am achieving ten times more than I had beforehand. I have loved every minute of this program and the focus it has given me!
    If you've been thinking about working with The Golden Goose for a while, do it! I saved myself 5 years of regret. It's a great investment - I didn't pay anywhere near enough for the value I got out of it.
    Nicola Dore
    Nicola Dore Arcane Agency

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