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After a scathing review of her website by Dan Norris, Kylah set out on a mission. She wanted to build a great brand, but wasn’t quite sure how.

With logo and web designers at her fingertips, she knew she still didn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle.

Knowing that she wasn’t equipped to direct her rebrand, she sought out help to get it right. It was such a privilege to be involved – and HOLY MOLEY loving the result!!!!

Watch the video to see where Kylah was at before we worked together, what we worked on and what kind of results she got!

The new.

Maverick Effect Logo
Zest e-biz to Maverick Effect rebrand

ineffective teams to power machines.

After identifying exactly not just WHAT Kylah does, but what she gets for her clients, we had to refine the messaging to match –  particularly on her website.

The messaging is so spot on!

The old.

Before we dived in to significant change, we took time to deconstruct what wasn’t working when it came to wanting to promote it. What went wrong? Why didn’t Kylah love it? Why wasn’t it attracting her dream clients?

And we didn’t just look at what wasn’t working – we analysed what WAS working also – no need to throw the baby out with the bath water. #smart

zest e-biz to maverick effect rebrand
zest e-biz to maverick effect rebrand

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