Melissa Buffington

‘I am fully unleashed!’

From feeling defeated, frustrated and like she was being put in a box; constantly questioning herself, chopping and changing her message and niche which was holding EVERYTHING up..

.. to adding an extra 8k/mo to her business, feeling excited, aligned and READY to scale to her next level.

Sound familiar? Watch Melissa’s journey below.

stop hiding your magic from the world!

  • Working with Leah and the team has taken me from feeling completely frustrated, questioning myself, spinning my wheels, constantly trying new marketing and taking action in my business because I felt like I HAD TO.. to feeling excited, aligned and unafraid and so ready to expand my business from this perfectly aligned place.
    I’m now attracting a totally different level of clients - it’s exciting and fun! And even though I have been taking a break in my business, my income has gone up an extra 8k/mo basically effortlessly with amazing clients AND I’m taking a nap everyday! I can only imagine when I start really promoting it how wonderful it will be!
    For the first time I have fully unleashed myself with zero filter.. I was able to stand in it and not hide any part of me. I’m excited for what’s next!
    Melissa Buffington
    Melissa Buffington

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