Phoebe Browne

‘Increased business by 500%’

From feeling like a bit of a fraud, feeling embarrassed about her business and not wanting to promote herself and being held back by self-doubt..

.. to overcoming imposter syndrome, 5x-ing her business, and feeling successful and proud of herself!

Sound familiar? Watch Phoebe’s journey below.

want to become a confident & unstoppable premium expert?

  • Within weeks of working with the team at The Golden Goose, I increased my business by 500% and had the confidence to increase my prices to align with the great results I get for my clients! I don’t feel like a fraud anymore, I’m finally feeling proud of myself and I have that self-confidence that can’t be swayed by anybody. If you’re thinking about working with them, just pull the trigger - you won’t regret it! Invest in yourself, back yourself and back your business and get the help that you need. You’ll come out the other end a new person, I guarantee that.

    Phoebe Browne
    Phoebe Browne Ecesis Digital

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