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A killer brand is one you feel intense love for, that makes you clear on exactly who you are and why you are amazing AND it makes you confident to show it to the world.

Dear The Golden Goose,
I’m still so so so in love with you all these years later.

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The Golden Goose Consulting

In 2010 I launched my business as “Inkblot Design Studio“, I can barely even think about it now without a shudder taking hold. I decided around 6 months after launch to rebrand. Why? Perception.

I wanted to attract bigger and better clients. I wanted to create a brand I was proud of and wanted to show the world. I wanted to be the truest form of myself I could be.

To continue the luxury feel of the brand – I couldn’t not go with a beautiful gold foil for business cards and stickers! This adds to the quality and consistency of the brand and while foil is more expensive than standard printing finishes, it is worth every penny for the reaction and impression it leaves my dream clients!

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