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We all have blind spots. Sometimes these are things we fail to see because we don’t want to, other times it’s because of a lack of personal knowledge on a topic, or because we have too much knowledge on a topic. 

These often cost us (big time), keeping us small and hindering business growth. Here are the 3 blind spots you need to be aware of in your business

1. Denial of Any Blind Spots

One I often see in overly optimistic startups and entrepreneurs with big egos. You don’t know what you don’t know, but you’re too optimistic or arrogant to admit that there may be a few things tucked in that itchy spot on your back (right between the shoulder blades – you know the spot) that you can’t see.

There are going to be times where your view of the facts is obstructed (for whatever reason), and acknowledging that there are some things you need expert help to even SEE is a great start.

2. Lack Of Knowledge

We can’t know everything about everything, it’s just impossible! Sometimes even acknowledging this is freeing. If you don’t know what you don’t know, or you do know what you don’t know, consult and expert or up-skill – easy.

Take the legal industry, for example. When I’m in a legal bind you bet your bottom dollar I’m going to be on the phone to my solicitor as quick as a flash. And you know what? There are ALWAYS things that pop up as problems that I could never have anticipated because it’s just not my Zone of Genius.. I just don’t have the knowledge! Creating solid relationships with people who have different skills to you is key to building a solid business and getting to your next level.

3. Too Much Knowledge

Now this bad boy is my current issue. I know too much about all the stuff I know – it is, after all, my Zone of Genius! It can be hardest to admit that you need help in your Zone of Genius, but if it’s the thing (or you’re the thing) that’s holding your business back – it’s time to action it.

If this is you – eat the humble pie – you do learn to appreciate its taste after eating it helps you up-level! WOO!

When we grow and up-level our businesses, we need to be hyper-aware of our blind spots. We need to seek expert help. Then we will thrive.

What About YOU?

What are your blind spots?
Who do you need to speak with to eradicate or manage it?

Decide (like I do!) that you won’t be the roadblock to your business pushing past this level into the next!

Leah x

PS. Is getting you confident and making your dream clients ECSTATIC about your business one of your blind spots? I can help! Get in touch to explore working with me.

3 blind spots that are holding you back from your next level

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