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It’s frustrating to invest 10k + in well-known sales or marketing programs and coaches and still feel like you’re spinning your wheels.. 😤😤😤

Maybe you’re a coach or expert who experienced some success but then hit a wall when it came to your sales calls..

Maybe you want to scale but your offer or message feels misaligned and no matter how much you listen to the clarity trainings you don’t get the clarity you need?!

Maybe you even “dialled in” your marketing funnel to then feel some unknown resistance when it came to scaling..

You’ve done all the add-on programs. Been completely coachable.

Followed the trainings TO THE LETTER.

Spent alottttt of cash (most of my people are about 50k+ in).
You’ve worked on your mindset.

Done the gratitude journal and brag book.
Created evidence stacks to new beliefs..

But there’s still something there because you’re spinning your wheels and you want to tear your hair out, go to an island for 6 months or just give up completely.“

Maybe I’m not meant to do this” is a whispered doubt that keeps popping up.


You have this deep-down knowing you were born for greatness.

Leadership is embedded into every fibre of your being. You crave the success, influence and impact. You know this is your “thing”.

And you know you’re smart. You “should” be able to figure this out, right? You have the tools.. it must be you..
Then all the doubts and inner judgments pile on.

“I can’t ask for more help. I’m smart, I should be able to work this out!!!”
“I can’t show someone I’m not earning 30k/mo.”
“I have to keep everyone thinking I’m succeeding.”

And there’s a deep shame around not being able to work it out.


THERE IS NO SHAME HERE, only growth! THERE ARE HIDDEN BLOCKS YOU’RE WORKING AGAINST. It’s like an internal war, and when we resolve it? Oh my goodness.. transformed ✨


Clients came to me doing 5k/mo with these well-known systems are now doing 50k, 100k months with the SAME SYSTEMS.

They had spun their wheels for YEARS in these high-ticket programs.

They were constantly told they were 3 feet from gold.
They kept going, kept pushing..
(Often burning themselves out, but that’s a whole other story..)

But WHAT THEY DID NOT KNOW was they had hidden emotional blocks that were preventing them from having the certainty, clarity or confidence they needed to unlock the damn thing and scale fast.

Some have gone on to dance within that framework, others have gone on to create their own framework because they now fully trust themselves to do it!!!! <—— I love this part so much! 💃

The only difference is the work we did together.💥

So you can continue spinning your wheels, solving the wrong problem, thinking the problem is you… blaming your “mindset” but not having the true tools needed to REMOVE THE BLOCKS..

And let time continue to pass, making you feel more and more like you are the problem, lowering your confidence further and further.. Making you cringe more and more at the idea of to reaching out for help, but knowing you need to.

Or you can decide that now is your time! That you ARE smart, you are amazing, you are meant to do this..

But it’s just that there are some HIDDEN blocks that need to be dissolved ASAP so you can leap into your 30k+ months with ease.. Some of my clients were literally a few tweaks from gold! Not a few feet. A few tweaks! They did something different and BOOM.. off they went. Some of them we reviewed sales calls, released an inner emotional block and BOOM!

Some of them we uncovered an unprocessed childhood challenge that kept them playing small and BOOM!

Some of them had challenging relationships with one of their parents growing up, and when we finally got to the heart of this their whole business transformed and scaled!

Some of them had a parent who passed away leaving them without motivation and they didn’t know why, and then we cleared these emotional blocks and clients flooded in like magic!

Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot of honesty, hard work and commitment to do the deeper work.. but W O W.

If you have been through these well known programs and you are completely ready to step into the line of great leaders who are leaving their mark on the world, and you’re ready to address what’s REALLY going on.. contact me and tell me where you’re spinning your wheels. We’ll have a short conversation and if I can help I’ll send you details and pricing for my game-changing programs!

No fast-action pressure selling, just you deciding that now is your time for greatness 🤍✨

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