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Not sure if this rings true for you, but are you earning 6-7 figures but still feeling unfulfilled in your business?

When you know there’s more meaningful work you were born to do; but haven’t made the transition it can make every day feel long, lonely and empty.

Coaches, consultants and thought-leaders in this space who are earning over 6 figures feel like they should be satisfied with that. They’ve got the money piece sorted, so why aren’t they feeling happy? Fulfilled? Proud of themselves?

It’s because they’re not living in their full income, impact and influence potential.
They know they were born to do something amazing, but they’re not living it.
They know they are capable of so much more, but they’re not doing it.

And at the heart of it they feel MISALIGNED because THIS IS NOT WHO THEY REALLY ARE.

They are not living their dream life, the life of their choosing – the life they are born for.

And so they might be working hard, showing up every day because they HAVE TO, not because they want to..

From the OUTSIDE they look so successful. But inside? They feel like a hamster on a wheel that they didn’t choose. They just got on one day and don’t feel like they can get off.

And the worst part is they don’t feel like they can tell anyone, because nobody would understand.

So they are frustrated in a silent, lonely prison of their own making.. not knowing how to escape.


I have worked with so many wonderful, intelligent people with the appearance of success, and have the escape route nailed to a fine art.

Here’s the Escape Route:


The first thing we do with clients is get super clear on exactly what their full potential is! Because we so often say the words but don’t really truly get clarity on what it means for us. Sometimes we aren’t even being honest with ourselves about what we want. Sometimes we get so busy building 7-figure empires that by the time we look around; we realise it’s not what we wanted after all. You cannot step into your full potential without identifying what it is.


It’s time to get clear on what’s REALLY holding you back or slowing you down, and release the limits – the fears, doubts, the reasons “why not” – that have kept you on your hamster wheel and away from being the life-changing leader you were born to be. Once these are released, you can breathe again and your whole world opens up – the world REALLY does become your oyster!!! It sounds so silly, but it really does!


Technically when we release the limits, the “shoulds” naturally cease – that critical voice in your head that doesn’t let you catch a break? That makes you feel guilty for not loving the clients you already have, or for not wanting to show up every day.. That voice that questions – why is this not enough for me? Why can’t I just be happy with XYZ? That voice fades and ceases to exist leaving space for beautiful thoughts, possibilities, inspiration and affirmation that you actually can do the thing.


As time on the hamster wheel passes; the little hamster feels squashed into a box that they don’t belong in. It’s a box that they weren’t designed to fit in. And so a huge part of this is finding YOUR unique box, the box you were designed for, the box that you have the unique skills, expertise and life experience for. A box that feels authentic and aligned, that is who you really are – not pretending to be someone or something you’re not.


For some people, they think that EVERYTHING has to change and this is a big reason why they’ve never attempted to transition to more meaningful work.

When in reality – the transition is alot simpler and close than they think. Most of my clients have just needed TWEAKS to their niche and positioning to make their offer really sing to the right people (and to them). It hasn’t been a huge dramatic change. The results will feel dramatic, but the process doesn’t need to be.

That being said, to ensure a smooth transition, they need to be planned. Transitions also need to be planned as custom to your business, not all businesses need the same tweaks and not all businesses will have the same transition plan. For example, one business might be pivoting their offer only – the same audience, just a new offer; another might be pivoting their whole offer and niche to go for a new audience.

After you transition you will feel like you can breathe again. You will feel like you actually want to BUILD again. So many people in this space are just coasting – having stagnated – because they have been sabotaging moving forward.

But when they finally step up, finally move through the limits, finally identify the work that they were born to do…

EVERYTHING gets way more exciting!
Excited business owners are passionate business owners.
Passionate business owners are MAGNETIC.

What I’ve just shared is one of the BIG main things that I address with my clients in my coaching programs. I have a powerful selection of incredible group work, hybrid, 1:1 or VIP programs that transitions incredible coaches, consultants and thought-leaders from an empty, unfulfilling business to meaningful, life-changing work they were born for!

I also address overcoming self-doubt and fear, uncovering your most meaningful work, choosing a perfect niche, designing your perfect offer that EXCITES you, and a message that aligns to you.. And so much more.

Discover the beautiful selection of our programs in the menu above.

Can’t wait to connect with you and partner with you in becoming the life-changer you were born to be!

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