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Will you choose to expand, or shrink back?

In my friendship circles I’m (happily) known as the one who does the big, bold things.

Got divorced.
Started a business.
Renovated twice.
Went hang gliding.
Random solo holidays.
Bought and sold my first house.
Started steroid, low dose chemo and regular injections for autoimmune disease.
Left abusive relationship.
Dancing around the cinema to Tale As Old As Time after Beauty & The Beast (I got a round of applause AND a request for an encore).

And now some fresh NEW adventures:

I finished renovating.
I’ve sold my second house.
I’m selling everything I own.
I’m driving across the border in my Corolla.
I’m moving interstate, to the sunny state – QUEENSLAND!

(Side Note: I forget that normal people just do not do this stuff!!!)

Now this all sounds amazing, but it has been ridiculously challenging:

It has brought pain.

Ditching toxic relationships.
Saying goodbye to the people I love.

It has not been comfortable.

Leaving everything I’ve ever known.
Moving somewhere that I’ve been to twice.
Not knowing if I’ll love it or hate it, or wish I hadn’t have done it.

It has taken sacrifice.

Finishing a renovation over Christmas/NY holidays with zero break and 3 weeks of flu.
Kissing goodbye some really amazing personal, financial and business opportunities.

In this season of big change, I have constantly asked myself this question, and have found it coming up ALOT.

Will I choose to expand, or shrink back?

And I call this upon you, too – will YOU choose to expand, or shrink back?

Shrink back into comfort.
Into what you’re used to.
Into what’s considered normal.
Into warm and safe and small.
Into what everyone else does.
Into mediocre.


Expand into change.
Into new, into the unknown.
Into exciting challenge.
Into pain that ushers in the beginning of making it happen.
Into what you desire.
Into owning and becoming more of who you really are.

It really is your choice.

I’m not here to make anyone proud of me but me.

My question for you is – will your decision make you proud of yourself?


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