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This post poured out of me last week, and I felt the need to share it here. It impacts me to see so many incredible world-changing leaders spinning their wheels when there is an ANSWER out there!

If you want to be bolder and faster in your business, you need to know this:

When we grow up in challenging and complex family environments we often learn to use our emotional energy to manage family members to create stability and safety for ourselves.

This can look like being hyper-responsible, a perfectionist, high achiever, parental caretaker, sibling caretaker, parent’s happiness, parent’s coach, or even the one who soothes an angry parent’s emotions as an attempt to create balance and safety.

As we become leaders we approach business and leadership with the same roles and behaviours..

  • Performing and achieving
  • Over-giving
  • Over-explaining
  • Worrying about what others will think of us
  • Playing small because we’re worried about judgment and criticism.
  • Focusing on pleasing others
  • Over-working
  • Becoming who we think others want and abandoning ourselves
  • Leaning too far forward in client relationships
  • Being in needy energy in marketing

I could go on and on and on…

This impacts on your marketing, your mindset, your sales and leaderships, and it leaves you feeling frustrated.. like you’re trying so hard but spinning your wheels.

Wondering WHY ON EARTH you can’t figure this out!

Though it once served a little version of us; it has now become a saboteur to business success.

We are literally giving our power away because we are giving our most precious resource away: our energy, our emotional focus.

And then we wonder why we feel drained, unusually unmotivated and burnt out..When what we really need is to learn to return all of our energy (our power) to ourselves.

Detaching from outdated roles and behaviours that are not serving us to be bold, brave, potent in our businesses.

Staying in these outdated roles is costly. I spent years in this place not understanding what was going on at the heart of my “mindset” issues.

I worked SO HARD, I was coachable, I did the mindset work, the affirmations, the belief evidence stacks.. still to be in a place of complete frustration, exhaustion and slow progress.

If this is you there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you! We just need to tweak some of your patterning and release you from these roles that are not serving you so you can be FREE to quantum leap, build an aligned business you love and leave your mark on the world.

If you grew up in a challenging family environment, this will be impacting your ability to perform at your highest level.

It will be slowing you down.
It will be creating limits and ceilings where none need exist.

Join me in The Cocoon to completely rewrite what’s possible for you THIS YEAR.
You are right about your purpose.

Let that really sink in.

You are RIGHT about yourself, your purpose..

You are RIGHT about what you’re capable of.

You are RIGHT about who you really are.

And you are BORN FOR THIS.

You don’t need to settle any longer for less than you know you’re capable of doing, having or becoming.


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