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Brand Focus // Born Country Primary Main Identity
Above ^ Born Country Baby Logo Development

When Sonya, founder of Born Country Baby called the studio for a pow-wow and Mini Brand Consult to confirm what she was thinking about her brand name, we knew she was on to a winner.

You can’t help but get excited when you work with someone who is so passionate about the gap their product is filling in the marketplace!

You see, even being a farm girl, branding didn’t come naturally. ;) We were keen to step in and see where we could help out.

Brand Focus // Born Country BabyBrand Focus // Born Country Baby

“I recently engaged Leah (through The Golden Goose) for a Mini Brand Consult and was really impressed! What was is that particularly impressed me? I loved Leah’s zest and passion, her knowledge of the branding discipline and ability to communicate and educate at the same time. I have learned an enormous amount in a short time which is already reaping rewards for my business. I have no doubt I will be reconnecting with Leah soon to add some more of her sparkle to my brand story!” – Sonya

… well she did reconnect and we did add some more of our sparkle, and this is what we came up with.

Brand Focus // Born Country Baby Stationery

She needed the brand to be seen as genuine, quirky and responsive.

Targeting those she knew best – country folk with the thing she knows best – the country. “We’re passionate about teaching little people where food and fibre comes from and celebrating all things country!”

Don’t forget to visit Sonya’s online store: and pick something up for the little country guy or gal in your life!

We can’t wait until the launch of her other two brands in the Born Country empire.

Congratulations Sonya!

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