regain your energy & ditch your burnout pattern for life 

If you’re a hyper-driven coach or expert who is usually very motivated but are feeling burnt out, frustrated, and unable to relax – you’re in the right place. 

you have too much magic to give this world to stay in a pattern of burnout

Working as if business is a sprint and not a marathon is the most ineffective and inefficient way to achieve anything. Smart leaders play differently..

I know this might not make sense right now, but if you are a coach or expert in a pattern of burnout or exhaustion:

>>> Your insatiable drive to achieve is what’s slowing your progress right now. <<<

Let me explain..
Can you feel it in your body? This insatiable drive to achieve?
It feels like never getting “there”
Hamster on the wheel
Working so hard all the time
It feels like tension
Not ever being able to fully relax
Always having to be switched on mentally
Forever pushing emotions down
Always pushing yourself and your needs to the side
Never feeling good enough
Always feeling like you have to prove yourself
Maybe you have the dream business, the glossy life, the amazing home
But what going on inside is eating at you, and it feels like it’s killing your soul
I talk to high achievers and see the anguish on their faces as they describe their lives..
Feeling like a bad mom
They’re eternally frustrated, nothing ever filling them up
Their relationships are strained
They’re anxious, emotional and reactive in ways they’d rather not admit
They have so much they want to achieve in the world, so much contribution they want to make, but are feeling unusually unmotivated.
They’re always chasing, never feeling fulfilled
I see how much it’s deeply hurting them and those around them to live like this, but it’s like they can’t stop.

They HAVE to achieve.

At the cost of themselves
At the cost of their health
At the cost of their happiness and fulfilment
At the cost of their relationship with God
At the cost of their TRUE life’s purpose
And sometimes at the cost of their family and relationships
This is SLAVERY to our drive to achieve
And if you continue like this
You risk slowly losing your health, the empire you’re building, even people around you..
Feeling like a shell of a person
Going from here to there
Nothing ever fulfilling you
Because the desire to achieve overrides all joy, all happiness, all fulfilment until there’s nothing left for it to consume.
It’s you that is suffering most.
It’s you that really bares the brunt and full cost of this pattern.
And it breaks my heart.
Because it’s not your fault.
This drive was created in you at the earliest of moments
And it’s all you’ve ever known
This drive actually exists as a protective mechanism.
The drive is trying to work FOR you, but she’s doing it in a way that’s working AGAINST you.
When I work with clients, we heal the root cause of this drive and switch it into a state of operating that actually works WITH you, serving you, helping you.


  • Within a few weeks rather than feeling heavy, dragging yourself around, you feel ENERGISED for the first time in months, even decades!
  • A whole world of possibilities have opened up for you and you’re on an adventure to learn how you can live a life that lights you up!
  • You’re no longer carrying the heaviness of this big secret, that your life isn’t what people think it is, that you aren’t who they think you are.
  • You’re finally able to do the things you’ve always wanted to do in your life and business but haven’t done for fear of what others may think of you!
  • It feels so FREEING to finally operate from AUTHENTICITY instead of obligation and fear!
  • You achieve ten times more with LESS EFFORT because you’re working from complete excitement, passion and purpose!
  • Your life inspires and LEADS those around you to unlock their own patterns and life
It’s so incredibly powerful I can’t even begin to explain!

If you feel possibilities bubbling up for you..

we have an invitation..

This is only for high-achieving coaches and experts with big drives and huge goals to change the world:

If you know you were born for so much more – to be a woman of influence, but you do NOT want to achieve it from burnout or frustration..

You are 100% DONE with these patterns and are ready to ditch the excuses and invest yourself into uncovering the root cause and healing it at the deepest level so you can live the rest of your life from purpose instead of exhaustion..

Enquire now to learn more about our programs or tailoring our programs for the increased performance of your team.

If we are fit, we will work together for the next 8 weeks to switch your pattern of burnout from working against you to working FOR you, so you can fee lit-up, energised and unstoppable, live your life’s purpose and leave your mark on the world!

We do this through inner work that identifies the root causes for your burnout, releases trapped emotions, rewires patterns; and trainings that up-level the way that you operate your life and relationships that add to the burnout pattern.

❌ Without NLP, hypnosis, woo-woo, tapping, crystals or snake charmers (lol).

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