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 What is Bravery?

It’s the ability to do something that frightens you.

It’s not that fear is non-existent, it’s just that you choose to take ACTION in spite of that fear.

Action that scares you.
Action that means you’ll be running in the opposite direction to what fear tells you.
Action that will bring results!

It’s your time, my friend!

Are you ready for bravery?

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what is bravery?


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  • Kate @ Wondrous

    It can be really hard to do something that frightens you but each time you do it, it gets just a little bit easier! You appreciate the rewards from doing it so much that you want to do stuff that challenges you! Love this x

    • Leah Bridge

      So true Kate – it does get a little easier each time! Thanks for checking in x

  • Madeleine Burke

    YAS! So true! I’m a massive scaredy cat but what’s the worse that can happen? x

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