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How To Get Back Up After You've Been Knocked Down

I get it.

I’ve had days where I’ve felt like a failure.
Where I’ve felt like nothing I have done is working.
Where I’ve felt as if I couldn’t get back up.
When I’ve felt like my work is good enough.
Where I’ve felt as if I could try and try and try and not make an impact.
Where I’ve wanted to throw in the towel.
Where I’ve thought I can’t cope.
Where I’ve second guessed everything I was doing.
Where I seriously considered quitting and getting a full time job.
Where I’ve highly considered curling up in a tiny ball on the floor.
And other days where there’s a high possibility I did the last one.

Life can be shit sometimes.
I don’t swear often in posts, but some days really don’t have any other descriptor.
Some months really don’t have any other descriptor.

They’re just shit.

I’ve felt a whole range of things.
That’s just the thing though. FELT.

Just because you feel something doesn’t mean it’s true.

Just because your brain’s gone off on a tangent thinking you’re not good enough doesn’t mean you actually aren’t.
Just because it thinks you can’t cope doesn’t mean you can’t.

The #1 skill you need to learn in life is resilience. For me it has been a whole lot of learning and I highly doubt the learning has stopped here.

Resilience n.
“the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”

You have to learn how to get back up. You have to learn how to talk yourself off the floor.

How To Get Back Up:

  1. Validate your emotions – the feelings you’re feeling are real emotions, acknowledge them.
  2. Realise you have two options – to make progress or excuses. You can stay on the floor in a tiny ball, or you can brush yourself off, put on your big girl panties and be your own hero.
  3. Invalidate your excuses/reasons – if you think you’re a failure, tell yourself all the reasons why you are not.
  4. Realise you have a huge capacity to change your own circumstances.
  5. Make an action list, and hop to action. Don’t dwell. Don’t stay on the floor. Just focus on the “next thing”.

What are your top tips for getting back up again?

“There are only two options: make progress or make excuses.” Tony Robbins


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  • Julie Small

    Yep – well said – some days are just shit…but some days are amazing! Great tips to get back to amazing.

    • Leah Bridge

      Some days are absolutely amazing! The better you get at shit-day recovery, the more amazing days you have! 😉 x

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