In Journey

When I’m planning ideas and businesses, the number one question I ask myself is “What’s the worst that could happen?”.

Often times we just have that scared feeling, but don’t go through the process any further to name the feeling.

Facing and naming your fears is a fabulous way to conquer them.

What’s the worst that could happen? Becomes..
People will judge me. Becomes..
Do they really matter? Becomes..
= The worst that could happen isn’t really all that bad.

Your Biggest Dream

At the other end of the sliding scale you have your dream.

We talk about dreams and success, but working out what they truly mean to us is another fantastic tool to learn.

Why are you doing this? Becomes..
I want to be wealthy. Becomes..
Why do you want to be wealthy? Becomes..
Because I want to be able to afford private schooling for my kids.
= We’ve discovered your motivation isn’t actually the money.. but the future of your kids. A far more noble cause!


You can either choose to be motivated by your cause, or motivated by your fear.

Which motivates you more?

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