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the fastest way to quantum leap is to befriend the horsemen.

For the driven leaders and coaches who are often told they’re too hard on themselves.

For those who are playing small when they know they were born to do, be, create and have more.

For those who feel frustrated and aren’t making the fast progress they desire.

For those who feel like they will always have to prove themselves.

For those who have built a good business, but are feeling bored and stuck in their comfort zones.

For those who are feeling burnt out because of their incessant need to achieve.

For those who want to scale their business and leave their mark on the world.

For those with big visions and even bigger heaarts..

Le Saboteurs is the deep awareness you crave around your resistance and limits so that you can leap faster, bolder, smoother into your purpose and greatness and leave a mark on the world.

The Horsemen

To gain this priceless awareness, we need to understand The 7 Horsemen of the Quantum Leap Apocalypse. (Insert dramatic music here)

The Horsemen slow us down, interfere and create havoc; lessening our effectiveness to quantum leap with speed and ease and leave our mark on the world.

But I also bring incredible news: The Horsemen can be reigned in. Not only that, but The Horsemen can become your greatest allies to success.

The sooner we identify and befriend The Horsemen of the apocalypse; the faster we shall go.. and as driven leaders and coaches.. this is the pure bomb-diggity.

Le Saboteurs came to me (Leah) all at once.. this rush of excitement to share with you this power you have over The Horsemen, this ability to collapse time and speed up your success.

It is for driven coaches, leaders, experts and entrepreneurs who have a quantum leap that calls to their soul THIS YEAR. For action-taking, purpose-driven, game-changing leaders who are ready to exchange frustration for effectiveness. 

Those that tame The Horsemen feel light and free to run at their impact with all of their might, with a big grin on their faces because they know that they were able to reign in The Horsemen and make themselves damn proud.

Access to the Le Saboteurs includes:

  • 5 Powerful Masterclasses (LIVE)

In the 5 masterclasses over 5 luxurious days, Leah reveals the most crucial horsemen she has helped clients move beyond during the last 12 years of business. She teaches you how to identify and befriend The Horsemen so you can up-level faster and change the world.

  • Q&A Session (LIVE)

A beautiful all-in experience where you can both absorb and witness excitement and powerful breakthroughs of other Le Saboteur clients as well as bring your most burning questions to shortcut your personal breakthroughs and speed up success.

  • Group Accountability & Support

And finally – access to our private Le Saboteurs Facebook Group provides you a safe space to celebrate your HUGE wins, receive support, and stay focused for 30 days.

Join Le Saboteurs

Le Saboteurs runs from August 30 – Sept 3, 2021. Masterclasses will be live and recordings available only to the amazing people who laugh at Leah’s jokes. You receive lifetime access to the recordings.

The Investment: 5 delicious masterclasses over 5 days + live Q&A with Limitless Mindset & Alignment Coach, Leah Bridge. Early bird $395 USD before 5pm 16th August AEST. $550 USD after this.

Join now for lifetime access to these trainings!

Upon purchase we will email the exact access details to you within 24 hours so you can get excited!

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