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you’re one of us now.


the lone wolves who believe they can go further alone haven’t found the right pack.

going further

Lone wolves are often strongest because they carry stories of overcoming and have incredible survival skills.

But they often don’t realise that in order to reach their full potential and leave their mark on the world they need a pack.

In life and business we all have times of challenge, failure, of bursting through the cocoon in order to be who we really are.. Falling down alone, facing life alone, trying to up-level alone really begins to take its toll.

and so the smart lone wolf understands that she is limited when alone.

She understands that running with a pack allows her to burst through resistance, increase her speed, achieve more than she thought possible, be ten times bolder, and bounce back faster from speed bumps .. all because she has the safety, strength and support of the pack.

the lone wolf pack

The Lone Wolf Pack is a 90 day pack hunt designed specifically for high-achieving coaches and experts who want to leave their mark on the world.

the LWP

If you are an established coach, consultant or expert who wants to:

  • Achieve more
  • Become unstoppable author, speaker, thought-leader or living legend faster
  • Make MORE of an impact
  • Take bolder action
  • Feel the strength and support of a strong pack
  • Bounce back from life faster

And you are an incredible coach, consultant, expert or thought-leader who is amazing at what you do, you want to confidently scale your business and leave your mark on the world and you are completely driven to reach significance and your full potential with ZERO EXCUSES..

This may be for you!

Access to the Lone Wolf Pack for 90 days includes:

  • LWP Planning Masterclass (First round = LIVE, recorded)

How to plan an entire year of business so that every single day you are making progress towards your BIG exciting goals – while staying focused and effective!

  • Hunt Planning – 1 Hr Group Session + Q&A (LIVE)

During the live planning session, the LWP comes together to implement and create your custom 90 Day Plan. You’ll grab your favourite markers, Post-Its and custom-design the next 90 days to achieve exactly what YOU want in your life and business.

In these sessions I coach you towards clarity and boldness, helping you to expand your thinking of what’s possible and what you are truly capable of. You’ll also be inspired by the other pack members as they share and bounce-around ideas!

  • The Pack Hunt: Live Q&As (Group)

Every other week you receive the pack gathers for a Live Q&A (Group) Call to receive coaching and support, clarity and confidence to do the big, bold things that secretly scare you a little!

  • Beautifully designed 90 Day Planning Template

Members of the Lone Wolf Pack receive access to my 90 day Planning template – achieve so much more and remain inspired.

  • Group Accountability & Support

And finally – access to our private LWP Facebook Group provides you a safe space to celebrate your HUGE wins, receive support, and stay focused.

Join The Lone Wolf Pack

The Lone Wolf Pack is an application-only private group. We are curating a group of amazing, driven coaches and experts who are ready to change the world now!

Current: The next round of LWP begins 11th October, 2021

The Investment: 5k pay-in-full or $1,800/month for 3 months of customised coaching.


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