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5 Shifts To Confidently Promote Yourself As The Expert & Finally Unlock The Income You Deserve

(even if you feel like an imposter)

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  • The step-by-step game plan entrepreneurs need to get the confidence to promote themselves as the unique premium expert and FINALLY earn what they deserve!
  • The under-the-radar method one client used to stop underselling herself, increase her income by 500% and built the confidence to back herself even though she felt like a fraud!
Why “Just do it” and “Fake it til you make it” is the WORST advice for entrepreneurs to confidently promote themselves, increase prices and dominate their niche, AND the game-changing strategy that actually WORKS.
  • The secret to becoming the obvious choice for premium clients and dream projects and CONFIDENTLY charging premium rates (it’s possible!) all while being completely authentic.
  • How our clients uncover a lucrative niche that feels aligned to them, stop getting lost in the crowd and become easily positioned as the ultimate expert doing what they love!
  • AND.. how to do all of this with renewed focus, purpose and passion, reaching that next level faster.. and feeling damn proud!

Presented by Leah Bridge

Leah is the founder of 10 year old business confidence firm, The Golden Goose Consulting. She has 14+ years as Brand & Confidence Expert working with clients across the globe to become unstoppable.
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