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Feeling the pressure yet?

I’m no fitness pro (those of you who know me will already be giggling that I’m using a fitness metaphor), but after some research, I found that the way a muscle is grown is quite intense,

It has to be put under pressure, more pressure than it has adapted to or been under before. 

It’s in the breaking that it is built.
It’s in the breaking that it’s strengthened.It’s in the breaking that it’s MADE.


In society we are often conditioned to avoid things that feel uncomfortable, when often it’s these that are building to generate something new, something stronger, something better.

But it doesn’t feel like it at the time..

And so how often do we avoid the very things that we need to thrive? Or up-level? Or live in our full income and impact potential?And at what cost do we avoid them?

Frustration and anger at self.

Knowing we are capable of doing, being, creating and having so much more.And then looking back in the years to come in regret, wishing we had’ve just gone for it; built the muscle, gone through the small measure of short term “pain” for the long term gains.

This is what doing Inner Alignment Work can feel like.

The muscles ripping and rebuilding.The weight more than we’ve ever carried.The fear bigger than we’ve ever processed.

But boy, the DIAMOND that is produced.
The SPEED of the stone flying through the air after its release.The BEAUTY of the wings on their maiden voyage.

The strength, the courage, the freedom, the clarity that is produced.



Inner Alignment Work is the building of the muscle.

It’s tearing down the conditioning and patterns that are not serving us and rewiring a new truth, a new story that aligns to who we REALLY are; not who we’ve been or who we have believed we are.

It’s The Becoming.

Releasing everything you’ve been, facing the limits and resistances that arise, and bravely stepping forward into a brand new life (and brain!), one that you are destined for..


Enter: The Cocoon.

This is where diamonds are made.

Where stones are loaded and pulled back in the slingshot.Where wings are designed and tested.Where the muscles of boldness, courage, persistence are built.

The Cocoon is an 8 week hybrid coaching experience with me where you will expand your emotional capacity, release limits and the past and be catapulted into your dream future and next level, fast.

For more information, click here.

Let’s load you into that slingshot, baby!!! You’re in for a crazy ride!

I’ll bring the snacks 😀


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