Maximise My Potential

Full income + impact potential = here you come! Uncover your purpose, overcome self-doubt and create massive momentum from all that action you do!

“What’s wrong with me?”
“I work so hard, why am I not where I want to be?!”
“I’m so burned out, I don’t even know if I want to do business anymore..”

If you have thought or said something similar to ANY of the above statements, firstly I want you to know this – you are not alone, my friend!!!

Our clients are doers, action-takers and just generally amazing people. They know how to get stuff done!

They KNOW they were born for greatness. They know they are capable of so much more than they’re doing. They have a clear vision but they can’t quite grasp it.

They’re not making the progress they want, they’re not lit up by their business anymore and they are just feeling burnt out.

Maybe you feel the same?

You might have tried to get a VA to take some of your tasks, gone on a holiday just to relieve some of the stress or sought-out some business coaching.. which works for a while but doesn’t really solve the problem for you long term.

Frustrating, huh! But it doesn’t have to be.

Our clients who have worked with us on their purpose and their past FINALLY feel unstoppable – they tell us they feel unapologetically themselves and are ready for their next level with nothing holding them back!

So if this is you, you are a coach, consultant or thought-leader with business experience and you are ready to overcome the past and finally live in your purpose and full potential every day?

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Can’t wait to chat!


  • Within weeks of working with the team at The Golden Goose, I increased my business by 500% and had the confidence to increase my prices to align with the great results I get for my clients! I don’t feel like a fraud anymore, I’m finally feeling proud of myself and I have that self-confidence that can’t be swayed by anybody. If you’re thinking about working with them, just pull the trigger - you won’t regret it! Invest in yourself, back yourself and back your business and get the help that you need. You’ll come out the other end a new person, I guarantee that.

    Phoebe Browne
    Phoebe Browne Ecesis Digital
  • Working with Leah and the team has taken me from feeling completely frustrated, questioning myself, spinning my wheels, constantly trying new marketing and taking action in my business because I felt like I HAD TO.. to feeling excited, aligned and unafraid and so ready to expand my business from this perfectly aligned place.
    I’m now attracting a totally different level of clients - it’s exciting and fun! And even though I have been taking a break in my business, my income has gone up an extra 8k/mo basically effortlessly (L: in 2021 Mel is now on her way to a 3 Mil year!) with amazing clients AND I’m taking a nap everyday! I can only imagine when I start really promoting it how wonderful it will be!
    For the first time I have fully unleashed myself with zero filter.. I was able to stand in it and not hide any part of me. I’m excited for what’s next!
    Melissa Buffington
    Melissa Buffington
  • "When I first reached out to Leah I was burned out, frustrated and wasn’t tapping into my fullest potential. Now I feel strong in what I do, lit up from the inside, on-purpose and on fire again without an ounce of burnout in me in 6 weeks! I now have clarity when communicating to dream clients and know I have everything I need now - including an offer that I feel proud of - to reach my next level. It would be IMPOSSIBLE for me not to want to show up and do this work every day! Do not hesitate to work with Leah and the team, it’s instantly going to bring power and clarity back to your world."

    Jamie Shannon
    Jamie Shannon Life Coach For Teen Girls

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