MagnifyUp Rebrand - Get Your Life Back


An 11 year old business gets a complete makeover! As so many of you will know; businesses pivot and transform over the years as you receive more and more clarity about the direction you wish to take the business.

For Kylie Short this clarity came after she realised she was a little embarrassed by her branding during network events when she would “accidentally forget” her business cards.

Safe to say now she’s in love and very proud! Watch her video journey below.


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The old.

Before we rebranded we had to deconstruct the old brand. What went wrong? Why didn’t Kylie love it? Why wasn’t it attracting her dream clients?

And there is the key to creating a killer brand!

Tilda Virtual old logo

The new.

Get your life back.

What other words would provide such relief to excessively busy entrepreneurs with demanding personal and business lives?

The messaging is so spot on it’s thrilling!!

Watch the video to see where Kylie was at before we worked together, what we worked on and what kind of results she got!

want a brand you feel confident in?

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