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“I want to love my program, I want to love my clients and I want to feel fulfilled! I want to have a business that feeds my soul.” 

These are the words that my client spoke to me during our initial call. She was having a confidence dip and was experiencing a huge drop in income as a result. She initially was doing 25k months but these dropped down to between 5-10k per month as a result of all of this coming up for her.

If this sounds familiar and you’re a coach or expert who has been in business for a couple of years, you have gotten to the 6-figure month milestone and still you are questioning: “Is this even the thing I want to be doing?”, this post is for you.

So where has all the joy and passion gone?! 

Remember when you first started your coaching business, that excitement, passion. You couldn’t get enough and would happily work around the clock if you had to because you were so lit up and full of optimism.

Fast-forward a few years and you’re feeling drained and bored, waking up on Mondays just dreading the week, not excited about the clients that you’re working with and feeling like you’re just going through the motions.

The funny (or not so funny) thing is, you haven’t stopped trying, you haven’t stopped pushing and working and doing all the things – marketing and putting yourself out there and showing up in your business even if it isn’t with the same enthusiasm that you would love. But it feels so draining and exhausting that you feel burnt out and seriously question whether this is what you even want any more.

You just don’t know how to get your mojo back again. 

The issue is deeper than surface-level mojo. Let me explain.

The much deeper hidden issue begins with this really common issue: as entrepreneurs we get really busy in the day-to-day workings of our business that we don’t stop to ask this valuable question:

Is this the thing that I actually want?

The real issue isn’t really that you don’t love your program anymore or your clients don’t light you up. The problem isn’t even that you have a massive bout of guilt around not showing up the way that you want to inside of your business.

When we are entrepreneurs that know we are born to create pure magic in this world, to step up to be the author, to be the speaker, to be the legendary leader that leaves a mark on this world with our amazing work this comes with a serious amount of pressure.

And the pressure is this: “I am ready to do the work that I was born to do, the work that I will spend the rest of my life doing, the work that will out-live me and be my legacy.”

Ooshhhh. Can you feel the pure pressure that comes from just reading that sentence?

Because this leap is unlike ANY OTHER LEAP you have ever done in your whole damn career or business life. 

This next level transition is your big leap into who you were born to be! Though it may feel like it; it’s not about having the perfect program or perfect offer or message that you want to put out into the world.  Although those things are great and amazing – the coveted finished product – they are the finished product of a much deeper work.

This deeper work is alignment work. There are two types of alignment work: the first is internal, the second is external. 


Internal alignment work comes first because in order for you to leave the mark on the world that you were born to leave, we need to get you a deep connection to your purpose and to yourself so that everything that flows from that is from a place of connection and alignment to what you truly want AND who you truly are. 

The second piece of inner alignment work is to boldly step into the identity of the person that you were born to be. << That sentence was so easy to write but in reality what needs to happen is some really intentional cultivation around the limits, the beliefs and internal dialogue so that you can step into who you were born to be without being held back by conditioning or limits from the past.

A really perfect example of this is one of my clients who wanted to step out as a bold leader in her niche. When we did the intentional internal alignment work we discovered that in her past something had been said to her that she didn’t even know was still guiding her behaviour and action as a grown woman. It was actually driving her business without her knowing. 

What I find with so many entrepreneurs is they are running their businesses without the knowledge that there are many hidden pieces that actually need to be brought to light and processed in a different way so that we can then integrate into our most powerful self; the version of us that we need to activate in order to become the life-changing leader we were born to be.


Now a lot of people do this second piece – external alignment – first and then wonder why they’re back in the same place in a few years time. What generally happens is when they launch they are really excited but it’s an external excitement and that external excitement fades quickly. So what we want to do first is the internal alignment piece.

When you have done the first piece first – the external piece flows. It comes really easily because there are no hidden limits, ceilings and blocks that are causing you to choose something out of an old wounding or old conditioning.

I won’t go too far in depth here but often times I see clients choose out of conditioning or wounding – not their real authentic self. What I mean when I say this is that they don’t even realise that life experiences are having an impact on the way that they show up in their businesses today.

For example, if you grew up in a family where your role was to make others happy; in business and especially when it comes to living your purpose, this can really slow you down because often if we are operating from this old conditioning we believe that we have to be everything to everyone, which blocks us from choosing an aligned niche or even more – from seeing our true purpose.

Once you get these pieces aligned, you soar. You go from questioning everything and feeling so frustrated to then stepping into the person that you were born to be and the impact that you were born to have.

You have a certainty around your offer, niche, message and this allows you to confidently promote your business, boldly throw 1000% of your energy and yourself behind building a business that you know is an aligned fit for your mission. 

It feels impossible for you not to want to show up and do this meaningful work everyday because you are so lit up and excited about the work and the impact you’re creating in the world, and you feel incredibly aligned to the clients that you’re working with. No longer are you drained and having the life sucked out of you by clients that need excessive hand-holding, or just aren’t a fit!

And you can finally run at your business with everything that you’ve got knowing that this is the thing that you were born to do and this certainty then flows through everything that you produce: from publishing your amazing best-selling book to launching an extraordinary podcast, interviewing the most amazing people from around the globe! Knowing that everything is aligned, fits together and feels right allows you to relax and just focus on the work that you were born to do

What I’ve just shared is one of the BIG main things that I address with my clients in my intensive program – Influencer. It’s a red hot mix of 1:1 and small group that transitions extraordinary coaches, experts and thought-leaders from an empty, unfulfilling business to their true meaningful life’s work – the legacy they were born to leave!

I also address both the internal and external alignment, including overcoming questioning and limits; choosing a perfect niche, designing a perfect 5k+ offer that EXCITES you, and a message that aligns to you.. And so, so much more. This program is a mid 5-figure investment. If you are interested in this program, schedule your free 1:1 call below and we will chat to see if you’re a good fit; and if you are – then BAZINGA!!! – we can get started right away; no more doing it alone in silence.. Just passion, alignment, and doing what you love while you earn what you deserve. Click here to schedule your call now:

“When I first reached out to Leah I was burned out, frustrated and wasn’t tapping into my fullest potential! Now I feel strong in what I do, lit up from the inside, on-purpose and on fire again without an ounce of burnout in me!”

PS. That client I mentioned earlier? She almost hit 100k in March. This is life-changing.

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