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It took me a long time to truly understand and embody that my purpose on earth wasn’t to make people happy.

Making people happy is a role I had in my biological family, it’s a role I developed so that Little Leah felt better about the world around her.

I’m great at making others happy, making them feel better, lightening the mood, making people laugh, giving them joy..

But in doing so, I didn’t realise that it was stealing my joy because I was abandoning myself and my true purpose.

Sometimes we can get confused by the roles we have always had; mistaking them for purpose, when what they really are is dysfunction.

Your purpose isn’t to be who they made you to be, or who others want you to be – it’s who you were created to be.And so in redesigning an aligned business where you produce meaningful work that out-lives you – you need to firstly reconnect with your true, authentic and real self.

Only from this place can you feel liberated from the boxes you’ve been constrained to, but also free to be who you were born to be without the opinions of others dictating your next level or your next move.

To resolve this, you must resolve the inner tension in yourself between who you’ve been made to be, and who you are born to be.

Once this tension is resolved, living from this place feels completely LIBERATING. You will finally be unstoppable without limits, ceilings and significant resistance to your next level of income and impact, to publishing the book that’s been on your heart or raising your authentic voice on podcasts and speaking engagements while being captain of an amazing coaching firm.

What I’ve just shared is one of the BIG main things that I address with my clients in my 16 week intensive program – Influencer. It’s a red hot mix of 1:1 and small group that transitions great coaches, experts and thought-leaders from an empty, unfulfilling business to their true meaningful life’s work – the legacy they were born to leave!I also address overcoming self-doubt and limits; choosing a perfect niche, designing a perfect 5k+ offer that EXCITES you, and a message that aligns to you..

And so, so much more. If you are interested in this program, schedule your free 1:1 call below and we will chat to see if you’re a good fit; and if you are – then BAZINGA!!! – we can get started right away; no more doing it alone in silence.. Just passion, alignment, and doing what you love while you earn what you deserve.

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