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Have you ever seen a first episode of The Bachelor? Hot single guy – let’s call him Bachelor Matt – in a tux is waiting beside a rather large house with a ridiculously oversized water fountain.

In rolls the shimmering limousine filled with hopeful single girls who are there with a single goal – to win over the heart of one hot bachelor. Girl after girl, they introduce themselves to Bachelor Matt; enjoying a solid 25 seconds of his time before shuffling along inside (because, wine).

After the first limo is emptied, a second pulls over and out steps out a girl in a bright pink dress, blonde hair extensions walking a shetland pony (okay, so I have zero idea how the pony fitted into the limo).. and boy, isn’t she beginning to feel like a real noodle right about now.


All along, Bachelor Matt doesn’t care about the girl in the bright pink dress, with blonde hair extensions and a shetland pony.

He is already mesmerised by someone else.
Not by cheap tricks and desperate attempts to grab his attention.
Not because of the order he met the girls.

No, he’s thinking about the one he really connected with.
Who he was naturally drawn to.
Who he felt warm and fuzzies about.
Who he communicated easily with.
Who he felt understood him.
Who he wants to get to know more.
Who he remembered.

In business, you are on The Bachelor. The Business Bachelor.

Your dream clients are here to find love and they’re far more serious about it than any protein-shake drinking, gun-display showing contestant on The Bachelor.

They are out there, trying to find you.
They’re ready to be romanced.
They’re looking for the one.

Now, you have two choices –

You can be the one he gets the warm and fuzzies with, the one he connects with and chooses, OR you can be the shetland pony girl.

You can be cheap and nasty, pouring all your effort into cheap stunts which will grab you 2 seconds of air time (and make you feel like a real noodle) OR you can align your business and communications to who you really are, really hone in on your VALUE, communicate it like a boss and romance the people that matter.

You can work 20x harder than you actually need to in order to grab ANY and EVERY kind of attention, OR you can improve yourself, your value and your communication skills and focus on those who are going to be extremely excited about what you have to offer.

Betcha didn’t think you were going to get a rebrand lesson from The Bachelor today, did you? 🙂

The fact is, when you don’t know who you are and you’re getting more and more desperate to get noticed – you do things and make decisions that are incongruent to who you are and what you’re on about.

A strategic and powerful rebrand comes at it from a different angle – you need to get noticed, so you hone in and power up on your value and the things that make you special and different. You learn to communicate this in a really clear and concise way. You learn to really communicate what makes you a magical sparkly unicorn to your potential dream clients in a way that makes them yell “HELL YES!” and you connect with them in a way that makes them feel like you know and understand the so well they think you can read their damn minds.

This means you’ll no longer be desperate (because attention will come, and it will come from the right clients), you’ll no longer be misrepresenting who you are in an effort to get noticed and you’ll find it easy to attract bigger and better clients – the type of clients you’ve always wanted but have never been able to land.



How To Get Your Dream Client's Attention On Your Brand | Brand Consultant | Company Namer | The Golden Goose Consulting


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  • Mackayla

    Oh I love this article, and the analogy you used! I personally never watch The Bachelor but it definitely makes sense… going to go share this with a few people now.

    • Leah Bridge

      When I wrote this I thought “oh man, people are gonna judge” hehe but a good analogy is a good analogy, right? 🙂 Thanks for sharing and stopping by Mackayla x

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