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How To Quit Avoiding The Rebrand You Know You Desperately Need

A rebrand might be something you avoid rather than something you excitedly launch into with wild abandon.

And, if you’re anything like so many of my clients, you want to get it right this time because doing something more than once in business feels like an incredible waste of time!

It can be challenging to admit you need to redo something you feel like you’ve already completed before. Add in a busy lifestyle and you have a prime situation for avoidance and procrastination!

Basically, you’re this guy!


Getting a rebrand ‘right’ the second time isn’t something many conquer. Too often a business has been operating for several years and you as the business owner are snowed under with to dos (boy do I know what that feels like!).

But getting a rebrand ‘right’ the second time is what you need to do if you want your business to be as effective and impactful as possible, and if you want to create something that will last rather than something that will need redoing in a few years’ time.

Why Avoid A Rebrand?

**WARNING** If you keep reading, the chances are you’re going to feel as if I’m reading your mind. While I would love to have that skill, the reason I understand so much about where you’re at is because my clients have all been in your exact position before working with me on their rebrands.

There are a few reasons you may prefer to bury your head in the sand rather than rebranding your business. The first step to helping yourself is working out exactly why it bothers you so much!

So, why are you avoiding your rebrand?

  • I don’t know where to start
  • I have so many other things competing for my attention
  • I want to get it right so I don’t need to do it again but am not sure how to achieve this
  • I’m overwhelmed
  • I’m a mad procrastinator, so this is just one more thing I get to procrastinate on
  • It scares me!
  • I don’t feel like I deserve an amazing brand that I love
  • It will make me feel like I have a very real business and that scares me!
  • I know once I have something I’m confident in and proud of, then I won’t have any excuses to hide behind


Is It Something I even Need?

The impacts of a brand that just doesn’t fit or one that you’ve out-grown are far-reaching and are generally why most entrepreneurs rebrand their businesses.

Is this something you actually need to do?

The top 7 reasons my clients decide to rebrand their businesses are below –

  1. You have pivoted services or changed business focus, or want to highlight new or old beliefs.
  2. You’re attracting WRONG clients – for example tyre kickers, or stingy people who don’t appreciate your value.
  3. You have had difficulties attracting your dream clients to your business.
  4. Your clients DON’T see your true value.
  5. Change in management – if you’ve purchased a business and the previous owners had a different take on business, it may be time to rethink things.
  6. Your original business vision and your look don’t match.
  7. You’re not proud of it, you’d prefer to hide it.

What Will Happen If I Continue To Avoid It?

A great way to quit avoiding something is to look at the facts. This is where the big dose of REALITY kicks in.

What happens if you continue to avoid your rebrand?

  • You’re misrepresenting yourself in a big way – your dream clients probably don’t know how amazing you really are!
  • You’re getting misunderstood left right and centre.
  • You’re not taking hold of all the opportunities in front of you.
  • Your clients aren’t getting to know the real ‘you’.
  • They misunderstand the magic of what you offer.
  • You will continue to be embarrassed by it.
  • Your main message will be getting lost.
  • Your potential dream clients may feel like they’re swimming in a sea of confusion!
  • You may be trapped by your name or brand in such a way that you’re avoiding scale and it’s keeping your business small.
  • You won’t be excited by or proud of your brand. You’ll want to hide it.
  • You’ll get into a confidence spiral in the DOWNWARD direction (not ideal).
  • You may feel as if everything is everywhere – fonts, colours, messaging.
  • You’ll probably avoid your elevator pitch and this will mean you’ll be creating a big ball of confusion everywhere you go.
  • … I could go on! But you get the point 😉

Basically, you have all this BLING to showcase to the world (your dream clients) and you’re not showing it off! They don’t know how awesome you are, how much you can help them, how different you are.. and YOU’RE losing out as a result.


What are the results you’re wanting to achieve?

The biggest thing I’m on about with every single rebrand? RESULTS!!! (what’s the point otherwise!) Looking at exactly what you’re trying to achieve and taking the correct steps to make sure you reach them is what I push every single client to achieve.

After all, if you’re going to do this thing for the last time – you want it to absolutely BURST with rockstar goodness for your business, right!!?


I had one of my clients list out all the things that she needed her rebrand to do for her business, do these sound like you too? Here they are:

  1. Feel like the brand fits the business
  2. Reflects who I truly am
  3. So people aren’t making incorrect assumptions
  4. Stop it from holding the business back
  5. Stop wondering about the impact it’s having on my bottom line
  6. Prevent future rebrands
  7. Be more organised
  8. Want everything to feel consistent
  9. More control over what I’m doing
  10. Don’t want to take shortcuts – really dive deep this time!
  11. Changing client, referrer and supplier perceptions
  12. Really want my brand values to shine through
  13. Message is getting lost
  14. Moving into a new area of business
  15. Launch online training programs
  16. Want to be seen as an expert
  17. Not associated with the old industry
  18. Want to be approached to speak at different networking events
  19. Build personal and business brands

You can see this 19-strong list contains a whole bunch of hearty reasons for her to rebrand.

You may want to write a big fat list of your own!

What sort of help do you need?

To fix all the above you need BRANDDDDD help first, girlfriend!
You need to fix the crumbling foundations that you’ve built on FIRST so you can create a stable, sturdy house that is the envy of every neighbour on your street.

To give you a rough idea, this is generally the “who” and the “when” so you can get access to the right people first.

  1. Brand Consultant / Strategist – create a consistent vision first before starting anything else!
  2. Business Namer (if renaming)
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. Website Designer / Developer
  5. Copywriter
  6. Marketer etc

I am #1 and #2 for clients, and I also have a great team of 3-6’ers on deck who can fit you out with your sparkly new brand so that it matches the consistent vision.

What are the action steps you need to take?

  1. Is this something I need? Y / N
  2. Where is my current brand letting me down? (Download Free checklist How To Fix A Brand That Doesn’t Fit)
  3. What sort of help do I need to fix it?
  4. When do I want to start using my shiny new brand?






As always, let me know if and how I can help you make your next rebrand your last!

Leah x


How To Quit Avoiding The Rebrand You Know You So Desperately Need | Rebrand Consultant | The Golden Goose Consulting

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