Our websites www.thegoldengoose.com.au (Site), www.thelastrebrand.com and .com.au (Site) includes items for purchase. If you would like to refund an item you have purchased from the Site (Order) please notify us by emailing hello@thegoldengoose.com.au to begin your refund request.

If you have purchased a Digital Product

In the case of purchase of a product (including but not limited to – ebooks, eworkbooks, ecourses and other digital products) from the Site(s) which satisfies one or more of the following cases we will gladly arrange a refund or exchange of the product –

  • The product proves faulty within 14 days of receiving the product and/or date of invoice
  • The product does not match its description as provided when sold
  • The product received is not the product ordered

Please immediately contact The Golden Goose Consulting on hello@thegoldengoose.com.au if any of the above occurs.

All claims of non-delivery of a digital product, downloading or unzipping issues must be submitted via email to hello@thegoldengoose.com.au within 7 days from the order placing date. Otherwise the product will be considered received and downloaded.

If you have purchased a Consultation

Due to the nature of the delivery of a consultation or coaching session, we are unable to offer refunds for consultations within 48 hours of the consultation time.

Changes to the appointment time cannot be made within 48 hours of the consultation time, although if you email us we may be able to arrange for you depending on the bookings schedule.

If you would like to discuss, please email hello@thegoldengoose.com.au.

If you have purchased a Design / Business Naming Project

Please refer to the additional, separate terms and conditions which are agreed upon before the project commences.

This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Design
  2. Business Naming
  3. Brand Strategy
  4. Brand Coaching or Consulting

If you require our assistance please contact us on hello@thegoldengoose.com.au.

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