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what’s blocking your next level?

We are the only firm who works with you as the business owner, your business and your brand strategy to get you confident in yourself as the expert and your business. Working with us will change life as you know it (in a really good way).

There are 11 blocks that are stopping you from scaling to your next level with confidence and stepping up to be a premium expert in your niche.

Releasing them is game-changing. That’s what we do.

discover the 11 blocks

Underselling Yourself & Your Value

Underselling your value and your results is one of the easiest and quickest ways to kill a business.. because if your dream clients don’t understand the value you offer, this will quickly erode your confidence and make you question your pricing.


If you are undercharging – and you know it – you’ll be feeling extremely frustrated. Frustrated as you watch your competitors out-earn you, charging more for less value than what you offer. It’s time to earn what your expertise deserves!

Unclear Brand Message
When your brand message is unclear you’ll feel frustrated because you’re getting out there, but you feel like your message is falling on deaf ears – getting in front of a bunch of people but little to no results.
What The Hell Is My Niche?

Getting specificity around your niche – around that area that you’re going to “own” as an expert, and who you’re serving is everything. When communicated properly, this kind of specificity sets you up to be the highly-paid expert, dramatically increases marketing effectiveness and attracts dream clients to you like a mouse to fine cheese.

Explaining What I Do And My Value
Do you have a sense of what you do for your clients, but have no idea how to say it, exactly? Or how to put it into words and images that represent you? It can be extremely frustrating to know what you want to communicate but not knowing HOW. Clear this block and you’ll be unstoppable!
Low Confidence
Intrusive thoughts like “who am I to be doing this?” and “what will people think if I…?”, feeling like a fraud – like someone will expose you at any moment, Imposter Syndrome, and not having the confidence to put yourself out there can be huge roadblocks to you earning what you’re worth and stepping up as the expert.
If what you truly want is to build your dream business, it’s time to deal with this head-on. You may think you’re hiding it well, but the truth is – people feel this lack of confidence which makes them feel like you’re not a solid investment.. and it’s a roadblock to earning what you’re worth.
A Brand That Doesn't Fit
A brand that doesn’t fit the company you are now, or the vision you have for the future is a brand that has become a roadblock to your success. Not only will is stop you from showing up as you should, shouting your message from the rooftops; but it will also repel dream clients and stop referrers from taking you seriously. It’s time to show up as the best version of you, to showcase what you’re really all about and what you can do for people.
I Avoid Promoting Myself
Hands up if you would prefer to hide your brand, name, or business rather than promote it? This is a really common problem which can have many underlying causes.. but the bottom line is this: if you avoid or have stopped promoting your business it is costing you tens of thousands in clients, opportunities, referral partners.. every single month. It’s time to stop the leaky bucket and create a business that you’re proud to promote!
Lost Passion & Motivation For My Business
If your business has been around for more than a few years, you’ll know exactly what this feels like. To not be motivated, lost passion and drive, not doing work that lights you up, not working with clients that light you up.. trust me when I say we can revive this thing and get you excited to begin work on a Monday morning! It’s time to realign your business to what you WANT.
Defining My Brand
If you’re confused about your brand, your dream clients will be confused about your brand – and we all know a confused client is a non-buying client! Here we take back the reins and define your brand in an authentic way so that it feels aligned to you and the direction you’re taking your business.
Positioning Myself As A Premium Expert
It’s not enough to believe you’re the expert – although this is a huge part of it! You need to also be positioned as the expert. You can’t say you’re the expert and then charge $110 for a one hour consultation. It just doesn’t add up. Here we ensure that there’s clarity and consistency in who you are and how you’re perceived by your dream clients.

who we work with

Coaches, consultants, thought-leaders or professional services providers,

with established businesses;

who get their clients amazing results,

have HUGE goals and dreams (even if it scares them),

want to go AGAINST the flow of their industry,

who are in an up-level phase in their business
(investing in experts to help them get there),

who have GREAT things to share with the world,

who are committed to creating their own future,

and are ready to take the next step to change the world.

who we don’t work with


who’s in it to make a quick buck,

who doesn’t have a solid business idea they can implement on,

who’s in MLM or franchisees (sorry guys!),

who isn’t passionate about what they do,

who is more invested in complaining and what’s not working than creating their own change,

who doesn’t have solid, huge goals.

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