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Maximise My Story

Discover your unique clear niche, powerful message, expert positioning and an offer you’re actually proud to promote!

When you have a clear niche, message, positioning and offer that you love you can easily and quickly scale with certainty that this is your thing.
Your life’s work.
The legacy you want to leave

No longer will you be chopping and changing your offer or niche..

You will know – not just in your head but in your heart as well – that the offer that you’re putting out into the world is aligned to who you are, what you stand for and the legacy you know you were born to leave in this world.

When it comes to maximising their story, so many know in their head what they want to say, but they can’t quite put words on it because to them it’s more of a feeling.

That’s where we come in.

When you finally feel aligned, you feel excited – like you have your mojo back! And you’re experiencing BIG wins in your business all because of that alignment, it just feels right, it feels like it fits who you are and where you’re going.

Our clients who have worked with us on their story are scaling their businesses with certainty, writing books, launching podcasts, creating insane revenue and are moving forward instead of living in frustration, exhaustion, boredom and uncertainty.

If you are a coach, consultant or thought-leader with a “good” business (around 6-figures+) and you are ready to build extraordinary impact by breaking through resistance and FINALLY having the alignment you seek so that you can throw everything you have behind your life’s work and legacy..

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  • "Before I started working with The Golden Goose, I knew in my head what I was about and what I wanted the world to see me as, but I couldn’t put it into words or images. I was looking for someone to “get me” and to see what I was about without having to constantly explain it. They challenged me to dig deep with regards to what I stood for and what I was trying to achieve. I believe more in my brand now, and I believe in who I am and what I stand for. This is a direct result of working with The Golden Goose. If you're thinking about working with them, “just do it!”, that’s the simple answer!"

    Digby Scott
    Digby Scott
  • Now I feel aligned and excited, I feel like let’s really get this out there! Because my business is aligned to ME and this is where I’m going to move forward from. I’m feeling great about it because my new website and package is so clear about who I am. It’s so worth it to take a couple months to get the foundation ready to scale from!

    Melissa Buffington
    Melissa Buffington
  • "When I first reached out to Leah I was burned out, frustrated and wasn’t tapping into my fullest potential. Now I feel strong in what I do, lit up from the inside, on-purpose and on fire again without an ounce of burnout in me in 6 weeks! I now have clarity when communicating to dream clients and know I have everything I need now - including an offer that I feel proud of - to reach my next level. It would be IMPOSSIBLE for me not to want to show up and do this work every day! Do not hesitate to work with Leah and the team, it’s instantly going to bring power and clarity back to your world."

    Jamie Shannon
    Jamie Shannon Life Coach For Teen Girls

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