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the becoming.

you were born for this, it’s now time to become

there is no shade of mediocre that will suit you, friend.

you were made for more than this.

You know it, I know it.
The calling is strong.
You feel it in your body down to the depths of your soul.
This is your life’s work.
To be a coach, an expert or a thought-leader leading a revolution of change.
Who is transforming lives.
Leaving your mark on this world.
Creating a legacy.
The calling is strong, and sometimes the resistance can be, too.

the rising.

In order to do the legacy-work we were born for.

We must first become.

This is where so many coaches and experts get it wrong.

They start doing before they have truly embodied the leader they’re meant to be.

They start doing before they have overcome their resistances.

They start doing before they have landed in true purpose.

Leaving them with feeling unfulfilled, out of alignment and unmotivated, lacking the certainty, clarity and confidence they desire to rise and rise fast.

the foundation.

And so my friend, the greatest gift an amazing coach or expert can give themselves is the gift of The Becoming.

Because in doing so, they create a solid, scaleable foundation both internally and externally so they can rise with certainty to leave their mark on the world.

The Becoming is the gift that will repay them for a lifetime; a lifetime of meaningful work, motivation, confidence, energy and full impact and income potential.

A lifetime of feeling completely proud of themselves, daily stepping out as the world-changing leader they were born to be, achieving their mission, publishing that game-changing book, launching the podcast and up-levelling in every area of their life.

the becoming.

The Becoming is a 9 month suite of transformational coaching programs designed specifically for high-achieving coaches and experts who want to scale their business and leave their mark on the world with confidence, certainty and alignment.

The Becoming fuses together the best business, brand, mindset and coaching experience from over a decade; bringing both internal and external alignment, motivation and success to those who dare to step beyond their ‘now’ into their ‘next’.

The Becoming is a hybrid container for 9 months of transformation which includes:

The Cocoon

The Cocoon is a boutique, one-of-a-kind experience where you will be guided through a mix of 1:1 and group coaching to expand your emotional capacity and world-changing potential. This program reveals and removes hidden emotional blocks that are keeping you from scaling fast and living your purpose. Read more here.

Leave Your Mark

In Leave Your Mark we deep dive into your calling and legacy so that you feel certain in what you are here to do, and stay consistently motivated so you can leave the mark you were born to create. 


Barefoot Magic

Barefoot Magic is a highly transformational program where we teach coaches and experts (who are already amazing at what they do) how to embody and own their value and unique genius like never before. This offers the gift of certainty in sales and marketing, confidently commanding the high-ticket prices you are worth.

The Alignment Arena – The Offering

In The Offering we uncover your perfect-fit niche, filled with dream clients that you LOVE to work with. You then add languaging so you can confidently explain your message. After this you develop an aligned signature offer that hits that sweet spot of your dream clients hustling to purchase and you feeling exhilarated to deliver!

+ Lone Wolf Pack upon graduation!

Join The Becoming

The Becoming is an application-only hybrid 1:1 x group container. We are curating a group of amazing, driven coaches and experts who are ready to deep dive, purge, become so they can rapidly scale their business and impact.

The Becoming contains a suite of programs, some are more intense than others. Participants may feel raw and tender at times early on in the suite. Participants will need to work hard and be deeply honest with themselves as their thinking is challenged. All 1000% worth it. It is life-changing!

There are limited positions available at this stage, and a wait list will be created for further positions.

The Investment: a low 5-figure investment for 6 months’ coaching in an intimate container and is only available for clients who laugh at my jokes. Flexible payment plans are available, just ask.

Click below to apply for one of the positions. If successful we have a short phone call to make sure we are an aligned match before securing your spot and celebrating your bravery, next phase of intense growth and an incredible year ahead!

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