the cocoon.

only the brave go in, only the extraordinary come out. 

expand your emotional capacity.

Release resistance, limits and the past.

Be catapulted into your future, fast.

  • Unlock your voice with power
  • Switch from burnout to feeling energised!
  • Live in integrity: unleashed and authentic
  • Release God-Blocks & live a connected, peaceful life
  • Eradicate Proving Energy and rest in feeling “good enough”
  • Step boldly into the purpose you were born for!

the darkness.

In the darkness, the caterpillar waits for the unknown.
In the waiting she is becoming.
Sharpening her senses. Evolving.
In the waiting she is forced to be with self, and self-alone.
Learning to be WITH self. Learning to BE self.
The becoming.
Only the brave enter the cocoon.
Because the cocoon is everything the caterpillar fears most:
Darkness. The past. Self.
The limits that she currently faces are because she hasn’t fully entered the cocoon.
She may have circled around it, touched it.. 
But she hasn’t fully experienced it. Surrendered to the beauty of it.

the rebirth.

In the cocoon she is transforming.
An evolution she can barely see.
All she feels is the pain of growth.
The pain as she transforms into something bigger, something more. She has an inkling, but cannot yet see her beautiful wings.
And suddenly, after weeks of darkness.
The longest time of growth.
The work, the waiting, the unknown..
She bursts forth from the cocoon.
Magnificent. Extraordinary. Magnetic.
And with newfound clarity, focus and direction she is.. UNSTOPPABLE.
The peace and certainty she now feels radiates to all around her.
And the freedom to conquer the world is hers.

the cocoon.

If you are an incredible coach, consultant or thought-leader who is ready to make the big leap into your life’s work so you can leave your mark on the world..

And you are feeling unfulfilled, frustrated, exhausted or even bored in your business. You’re in the right place.

You may have a vision of speaking to thousands, delivering a powerful Ted Talk, launching a top-rated podcast or maybe even writing a game-changing best-selling book..



And you are completely driven to reach your full potential with zero excuses..

But there’s something slowing you down .. even if you can’t quite put your finger on exactly what it is..

And when the resistance comes up, it comes on STRONG, leaving you feeling completely frustrated, over HERE when you want to be THERE.

If this sounds like you, The Cocoon may be made for you

the hybrid cocoon.

The Cocoon is an 8 week intensive program designed specifically for high-achieving coaches and experts who want to leave their mark on the world but are encountering resistance and ceilings on their evolution.
When we say intensive, we mean intensive.

client wins!

The Cocoon is a hybrid container for 8 weeks which includes:

3 Private 1:1 Sessions, 50 mins each.

One of the things many of our clients value most is the privacy to “deep dive” into their biggest limits. In the private sessions, you experience the safety to explore your past and your new self. (And, let’s face it – have a good purge or cry if you need it)

Weekly Masterclasses (Live this round, recorded)

Each week you will receive a new teaching to immediately implement. These are not Netflix-style “watching”, these are Disneyland “experiencing” trainings.
These increase your courage, deeply connect you to yourself, reveal and remove hidden emotional blocks that are keeping you from living your purpose. They also expand your emotional capacity and world-changing potential.

Weekly Group Q&A Calls

Each week we come together to celebrate, share and receive live coaching – hot-seat style. This combined with the weekly 1:1’s is our hybrid-style of coaching meaning you receive the benefits of both group energy and a private safe space to learn and evolve in.

BONUS: Access to Lone Wolf Pack for 3 months! (5k value alone)

The Lone Wolf Pack is a separate program and is included in your purchase of The Cocoon. This means you’ll receive over 5 months’ of support and coaching to consistently evolve and up-level. Once you have graduated from The Cocoon, you’ll join the LWP. Click here for more information on the LWP

Join The Cocoon

The Cocoon is an application-only intense private container. We curate a group of amazing, driven coaches and experts are ready to release the layers and expand their emotional capacity so they can rapidly scale their business and impact.

This is an intense container. Participants may feel raw and tender at times. Participants will need to work hard and be deeply honest with themselves as their thinking is challenged. All 1000% worth it. It is life-changing!

There are only 4 positions available at this stage, and a wait list will be created for further positions.

The Investment: upper-end 4-figure USD investment, payment plans available over 5 months.

Click below to enquire about one of the positions. If aligned we have a short phone call to make sure we are an aligned match before securing your spot and celebrating your bravery and next phase of intense growth!

client wins!

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