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for up-levelling entrepreneurs who want a game-changing name

get unstuck and move forward

find a perfectly memorable name

create a long-lasting brand that you’re proud of

feel as confident in your new business name as you do in your fav heels.

  • Are sick of finding a name you love only to find it’s taken?

  • Is it holding up your progress?

  • Is your current brand holding you back?

  • Does your brand embarrass you?

  • Do you cringe when you hear your current name?

  • Do you want to feel confident in your new name?

  • Are you tired of running a business under a name that doesn’t feel like it fits?

  • Do you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace?

  • Are you riddled with brand envy?

  • Want your name to attract the right people?

  • Want to create a brand you’re in love with and proud of?

 These are all symptoms of a bigger problem.

  • One-Time Course
    • 1 full year access to The Last Rename Course
    • 6 Modules

it’s time to change this – together

Leah Bridge Brand Consultant

why me?

I’ve been working with and on brands for 10 years, weaving my magic wand to create loyal brand lovers and unique, authentic brands.
  • Coached one of Australia’s top fashion bloggers to secure her brand direction and get clear on her brand messaging for her brand new eCommerce store.

  • Consulted with a high-level partner in IBM to translate and communicate her vision for her new businesses, as well as name her umbrella company.

  • Coached a client in the education industry to rename + rebrand a business that had previously failed, and is now a success!

  • Rebranded and renamed my own business.

  • … and helped countless clients come out of hiding, stop playing the small game and step into the shoes of the brand they’ve always wanted to be!

Each month I chat with dozens of savvy entrepreneurs who know that in order to create a business that connects and lasts the distance, they need to create a brand that connects and lasts too.

Creating a brand that lasts doesn’t involve pulling a business name out of thin air, it involves some groundwork.

The Last Rename is that groundwork in a simple step-by-step process. It is the ultimate 6 Module Naming Course for entrepreneurs who want a business name that feels like it FITS their vision for their empire.

If you, like many of my driven clients, like to get it right the first time but don’t want your business name holding you back, then The Last Rename is the perfect solution.

I love that The Last Rename is not just another online course. 

In The Last Rename I have taken my personal naming methodology that I use to name my clients’ brands and my own (The Golden Goose and Navy Crockett) and I have packaged it up into easy to understand modules so that you can walk away with CONFIDENCE in your new name allowing you to make the most of the opportunities in front of you.

You don’t need to do it alone.

Leah Bridge Brand Consultant

as seen in…

just what will a killer name do for you?

A killer name will –

  • get you feeling CONFIDENT again.
  • mean you never have to rename ever again!
  • get you taken seriously
  • attract your ultimate clients (or customers)
  • excite you, as the business owner and linchpin and help you feel more connected to your brand
  • make you feel proud to promote your business
  • get you noticed more easily and get established quicker
  • help you differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • showcase to the world that you are different
  • help you be unforgettable
  • create positive connections with your dream audience
  • The [naming] questions have helped me to develop a clearer idea of the essence of Readers Inc. (working title still in the lead!) and to put some language and description around it…  I found the symbolic questions about ice-creams flavors, animals etc a useful way of thinking more intuitively and tapping into my right brain. So thank you very much for helping me to progress this side-business one step further!

    Kathryn Overall
    Kathryn Overall Engage Communications
Brand Strategy | Company Naming The Golden Goose Consulting

a step-by-step business naming program

Learn the EXACT business naming methodology that I use for myself when naming my own businesses, and when naming my clients businesses. 

The Last Rename has EVERYTHING you need to create a perfect name that will last you the distance.

mindset & future direction

  • How to future-proof your business name so you can create a name that lasts
  • Define and harness your powerful purpose
  • How to be really specific with your business vision
  • Pin-point exactly what’s not working in your current brand (so you can fix it and rename for the last time!)
  • Uncover the thing that’s been holding you back from moving this thing forward


  • Expert advice years of experience so you can rename for the last time without stopping world domination plans!
  • The useful tools I personally use to create ‘super-brandable’ business names
  • Access to my proven naming methodology (loved by many!) for building a creative business name you love
  • How to protect your new name as if it were your unborn child

getting your magnetic on

  • How to create a name that’s absolutely magnetic to your Ultimate Client
  • Uncover and articulate the thing that makes you the obvious choice
  • Stand confidently in your ‘magic’ – the thing that makes you special
  • My personal method to speak more powerfully to your Ultimate Client

the naming kit you won’t
be able to live without

  • The #1 kit you need when your brain goes completely blank!
  • A million and one (okay, perhaps not THAT many) amazing tools to help you unlock that creative brain and let it run wild!
  • Absolutely jam-packed with extra goodies for naming inspiration that I haven’t shared with ANYONE before!

who am i?

  • Why your Ultimate Client’s perception of you will help you nail your name
  • We’ll shine a spotlight on your competitor’s weaknesses so you benefit
  • I reveal the solid structure you can use to ground you to consistency and brand alignment
  • Learn my weird system for creative thinking that will make you more creative than you thought possible and help you to create an innovative name you love!

crunch time

  • How to make that final nail-biting decision
  • The #1 way to feel 110% confident in your brand new business name
  • Save time and make sure you haven’t missed a thing with a bonus resources, a template and checklist
a name that fits
a name that fits
Learn how to name your business in an authentic way that feels like it fits the way YOU like to do business.
big results at a fraction of the cost
big results at a fraction of the cost
It can cost upwards of 6k just to have someone name your business for you. The Last Rename costs only a fraction of that allowing you budget for a ripper logo & site.
nobody is sharing this stuff
nobody is sharing this stuff
Nobody out there is sharing their PERSONAL PROVEN naming methodology with you.
everything you need
everything you need
The Last Rename is everything you need to choose a creative business name so you can build a stronger business with the right clients

buy the last rename course

  • One-Time Course
    • 1 full year access to The Last Rename Course
    • 6 Modules
  • A great resource for anyone looking to create a strong brand and a memorable name for their bright idea. For those with a brand already firmly in place, the naming exercises alone are worth far more than the [naming methodology's] cost!

    Mike Halligan
    Mike Halligan Engage Marketing, Online Store Guys

who is this for?

This is for those who –

  • are naming a startup, or renaming an existing business.
  • want to feel CONFIDENT in how they’re packaged.
  • need a step-by-step process.
  • don’t want to waste time rebranding again.
  • want expert advice & support.
  • know they’re missing out on business opportunities and don’t want to delay success any longer.
  • are action-taking implementers!

who isn’t this for?

This isn’t for those who –

  • don’t have their business idea solidified.
  • are in business to make a quick buck.
  • aren’t willing to commit to investing time and resources to get this show on the road
  • want a professional doing it FOR you

you can keep burying your head in the sand..

  • letting your name hold you back from success
  • stopping you from making progress on your launch
  • not promoting your own business
  • feeling embarrassed by your brand
  • knowing your brand doesn’t feel like it fits
  • with a name that doesn’t truly feel like it reflects your business
  • not attracting scores of your dream client


you can create
YOUR OWN change!

buy the last rename course

  • One-Time Course
    • 1 full year access to The Last Rename Course
    • 6 Modules

course closes in..

The Last Rename Course

move this baby forward!

  • Get UNSTUCK and move FORWARD ASAP.
  • 1  year’s access to The Last Rename MODULES – step-by-step PROVEN business naming methodology – tried, tested and LOVED by many! Supplied as video modules with business naming eworkbook.
  • INSTANT ACCESS – so nothing is holding you back!
  • Clarity – around your brand – who you are and how you want your customers to see you.
  • Shortcut & Deadline – the exact steps to take to get your name done and dusted so that you’ll love the end-result!

buy the last rename course

  • One-Time Course
    • 1 full year access to The Last Rename Course
    • 6 Modules
  • Naming and branding a business is a big deal, a really, really big deal.  I didn't really understand how important it was until I was well into the process, and I didn't realise how important it was to choose the right company to work with. Thank goodness I chose The Golden Goose! Leah has helped me name my precious small business, and given us a rockin' brand. I am thrilled with the result and recommend Leah and The Golden Goose as the best option when branding or rebranding.

    Tim Wicks
    Tim Wicks Think Fizz
  • Before working with Leah, rebranding seemed so daunting. We knew we had outgrown our name and we didn’t want to do any marketing. When you’re staring at a blank piece of paper and randomly start throwing names around, nothing feels right. We started The Last Rename with some strong ideas on what we didn’t want and a good sense of our brand personality, but the exercises helped cement all of this and opened us up to new ideas.The Last Rename gave us a structure and a timeframe, which lead to the inspiration of our new name. It’s so very us and we love telling people the meaning behind it, because they always ask! Now when I see people asking Facebook groups for advice on what to call their business, I almost cry. How do you expect strangers to come up with a name that’s uniquely you? I know why people struggle with it though – they just need the structure of The Last Rename and the guidance from Leah!

    Sonia Cuff
    Sonia Cuff The Missing Chair


When does The Last Rename start?

The Last Rename is self-paced, so as soon as you hit the payment button you are given access to the entire course to begin at your leisure.

How long will it take to complete?

Although you have instant access to the entire course, The Last Rename is structured in modules that are great to tackle a week at a time. I would allow 1-2 hours per week for the majority of modules. Module 4 is more intense and will require more time, as you’ll be handed my personal naming formula and you’ll need to do some serious “name-storming”!

Is this for service businesses, products businesses or blogs?

All of the above! If you want to creatively name any kind of business or company, this is the course for you!

Which industries is this for?

This is for everyone! I have used this exact methodology for business naming for a huge range of businesses – coaches, consultants, online stores, labels and blogs. No matter your industry, if you want a creative and memorable business name that attracts your ultimate customer, The Last Rename is for you!

What makes The Last Rename so spesh?
I truly believe you should only name and brand a business once, but if first-time perfection isn’t a thing for you – you can rename and rebrand for THE LAST TIME with the right strategy and advice for your brand.
The Last Rename is built upon methodology I’ve developed over the last 10 years of working alongside brands and creating brands that stand the test of time so that you can build brand equity in a strong brand that doesn’t need to continuously morph and update to match your latest brain wave.
Business naming has been a closed-curtain business for years, costing you 5k+ for a custom name that fits your business. I want to make creating a business name that lasts something that’s accessible to all entrepreneurs no matter the point in their journey or phase in their business they’re in.
I don’t have a business up and running yet – can I still do the course?

Yes and no! You need to know exactly what your business is first so we can shape the brand and name from there. I highly recommend you have completed both a Business Plan and Marketing Plan before you invest in the course so you have a clear business concept to name.

How is the course delivered?
The Last Rename is a 6 module online course. This will be available in an online hub that you’ll get immediate access to once your payment has been processed.
In the online hub you’ll find the individual modules to work through, plus a downloadable workbook. The individual modules contain multiple shorter videos to watch and learn so you have bite-sized chunks and can beat overwhelm and get it done!
How do I know if this course is right for me?

If you want a creative and memorable business name that attracts your ultimate customer, The Last Rename is for you! The Last Rename is also a perfect fit for those who really want to feel connected to their business name, for those who want to absolutely love it and who want to feel confident in it.

I’d love to do the course, but have alot on my plate at the moment.

I get it – I once got divorced while starting a second business! This is why you get all the modules at once so can work at your own pace and fit it in with life as you know it.

Online courses drive me mental because they’re too slow.

Legend, I hear you!!! Online courses can drive me bananas also, that’s why I’m giving you instant access to EVERYTHING as soon as you sign up. No more waiting around for slow pokes – work at your own pace and get it done!

Which currency is the price in?

The price is in Australian dollars (AUD).

Is The Last Rename available for everyone, worldwide?

Yes! Anyone can purchase and receive huge value from the course. There are a few small aspects that have tips for Australians like exactly which website to register your business name and trademark, but other than those the step-by-step methodology can be used by everyone.

How Long Do I Have Access To The Last Rename Course After Purchasing?

You will have access to The Last Rename and any course updates and bonuses for one year after purchasing. Do you think you can find a new name in a year – I think so!!!!

  • Leah has such a unique approach to branding, she really ‘gets’ what it takes to create a brand that fits. Naming is something I see so many women get stuck on. It holds them back in everything they do. You can't create a profitable business if you're hiding in the shadows. The right fit will boost your confidence, build your profile and excite your target market.

    Melanie Miller
    Melanie Miller
  • Far out, a new brand gives your business new life! You can quote me on that.

    Sonia Cuff
    Sonia Cuff The Missing Chair

buy the last rename course

  • One-Time Course
    • 1 full year access to The Last Rename Course
    • 6 Modules

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