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I literally cringe anytime I see someone posting wanting people to come up with their business name in fb groups online.
I get it. Business naming can be difficult. I generally recommend my clients take a month with my strategies to work from the ground up.
What is the goals? 
To stand out. To be unique and original.
To have something you love
To have something your clients love
To have something that aligns to heart of brand
To have something you’re completely confident in.
1. You don’t know who’s replying – settle for mediocre – one lady said that “Even 2+ years on I second guess my choice!”, then went on to say that it’s “normal to feel that way” << no it isn’t.
2. Ideas aren’t in alignment with brand
3. Ideas aren’t aligned to target audience
4. Ideas aren’t good at all
5. Professional advice – all angles
6. X business name is taken, can I just change a word?
7. Research – domains, Asic, trademarks, social media handles
8. It’s not getting to the heart of the issue. One lady wanted feedback on renaming, then renaming wouldn’t fix her problem. She had a problem with how she was being perceived – and needed to deal with the hart of the issue. A new name wouldn’t have solved the problem and would’ve only wasted time and energy.

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