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After my divorce I was buried underground for YEARS.

I did business courses.
Worked with sales coaches.
Bowen therapists.
Business coaches.
|Finance coaches.
Feminine energy coaches.
Mindset coaches.
Trauma coaches.
One queen of a psychologist.
An amazing mentor.

I worked on myself.
I worked on my health.
I worked on my happiness.
I worked on my business.
I worked on my relationship with God.

My time
My energy
My finances
My heart.

I NEVER wanted to be in that situation again.

And I ONLY had eyes for who I was becoming.

The whole time feeling frustrated.
Feeling like I was spinning my wheels and not getting the traction I wanted.
This process took a LONG. DAMN. TIME.

And now I see why.

I needed to go through all that to learn and grow so that I could COLLAPSE TIME for the people that follow after me.

And this is why The Cocoon exists. (phewww I’m getting teary now..) My heart is this: I don’t want ANYONE to have to go through the wandering I have to get where I am now.

The years of questioning, failure, defeat, frustration, burnout, feeling like I would never break through, not understanding WHYYYYYYY on earth I wasn’t keeping up with everyone around me..

In 8 short weeks I’m achieving for people what took me YEARS AND YEARS to learn and embody.

I’m so grateful that my clients don’t need to go through the same amount of time searching and searching for answers that I did. I’m so grateful that from my ashes can come so much beauty. From ruins, cities of pure beauty and generational healing can now take place.

The ripple effect is huge.

All of this to say –

1. If you are feeling buried alive right now, IT HAS PURPOSE. You will get through. You will make it.. it just might take you a while (as it did me).

2. You DON’T HAVE TO WAIT. When you are ready to turbo-charge that shiz, collapse time, step out of ashes and into your own beauty – living your purpose as a leader in your niche, leaving your mark on the world without the limits and resistances of the past slowing you down?

Apply for The Cocoon today and let’s have a conversation to see if I can help. Click here to apply: The Cocoon is an 8 week intensive program (mix of group and 1:1) for high-achieving leaders who want to change the world to remove limits, resistances and hidden emotional blocks slowing them down!

✅ Uncover your specific limits, resistances and roadblocks to living your purpose as a game-changing leader.

✅ Level-up with the exact game-changing TOOLS you need to remove any limits, resistances and roadblocks now and in the future!

✅ Get to the root cause of the need to prove yourself, or burnout tendencies that keep slowing your progress down, move FASTER than you ever thought possible!

✅ Forgive yourself for the mistakes of the past, and silence your Inner Critic so that you have peace in your mind and the ability to up-level without the lack of certainty.

✅ Rise above the fear of judgement, criticism and abuse to live an AUTHENTIC ALIGNED LIFE that you choose!

✅ Unlock your voice so that you can powerfully speak your truth and message to those who you were born to serve! + quite honestly.. SO MUCH MORE.. too much to list.. but here’s what you need to know:

🏆 In just 8 weeks my client was “cured” of both burnout AND imposter syndrome.

🏆 In just 8 weeks my client moved from 5k months to a millionaire mindset and a year after graduating 100k months!

🏆 In 5 weeks my client had ERADICATED the feeling of needing to prove herself!

🏆 In just one week my highly-driven client who felt utterly defeated moved to a feeling of optimism! 🏆 One client who previously thought it was “greedy” to earn more did 500% of her income a few weeks after graduating!

🏆 In 2 weeks my client who had felt disconnected from God for 1.5 years had a breakthrough and spent precious time with Him!

Sorry for all the exclamation marks.. but WHATTTT THE HECK IM EXCITED FOR ALL OF MY PEEPS WHO HAVE CHANGED THEIR LIVES!!!! It doesn’t matter what your hidden emotional block is, how long you’ve had it (most of my clients have had their for years and decades), or how “complex” you think you are.. .. I don’t want to say I can 100% help, but with this track-record, your chances are GOOD.. EVEN IF you have invested elsewhere and they haven’t been able to help you.

So let’s chat!

Click here to apply for The Cocoon. It’s your time!!!

I’ll be waiting next to the most powerful, lit-up, on-purpose version of you that you’ve ever met..


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