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Here’s why!

๐Ÿ‘‡ As high-achievers we have a huge capacity for challenge, growth and up-levelling.

But if we are feeling BORED in our businesses..
Then we don’t get to access any of that amazing capacity and full potential to scale a 7-fig business.

We’re bored because we don’t love it anymore.
We’re bored because we’re not being challenged.
We’re bored because we don’t know how to get our mojo back.

Business boredom often comes when we are at war with ourselves..

Let me explain.

It’s when a part of us wants more and has capacity for more and gets excited for more, but they’re at war with a part of us that wants to play small, or not create waves.
The part of us that wants more and KNOWS we are born for more is so eternally frustrated.
Push push pushing.

Trying to get that “spark” back that they once felt for their business.
Knowing that if they are to scale this thing, they want to do it with a signature offer and niche that they LOVE..
But often they’re not able to put their finger on it = More frustration.

The HIDDEN part of them that wants to play small, or that secretly doesn’t want more is the part that is really running the show. Often we don’t even KNOW they are running the show.
All we know is that we’re hitting up against resistances when it comes to really launching into our dreams and stepping out, in-purpose to leave our mark on the wall. And so these hidden parts of us, running the show are secretly sabotaging us. They’re one of the horsemen of the 7-figure apocalypse!

So what is the answer Leah? You’re telling me I’m bored. I’m frustrated.
That I’m playing small. I agree with all this.. but what do I actually DO to resolve this?

You need to create real, true alignment in your world.. BEFORE you begin scaling. BEFORE you even decide on your new offer. BEFORE you burn yourself out trying to do all the things, working AGAINST the wind.

This Friday (Thursday for some of you!) I’m running a free live masterclass – The Aligned Business Masterclass.

I’m going to coach you through my Alignment Mastery Pyramid where you’ll learn the exact steps you have been skipping in your sprint to success.

I’m going to bring a deep awareness to the resistances and limits that come up when it comes to putting an offer out into the world that actually EXCITES you and makes you want to shout it from the rooftops! And I’m going to give you the keys to stepping boldly into purpose, and feeling damn proud of yourself for living in your full income, impact and influence potential.

You were made for more than this!

Click here to join the Become Unstoppable FB group (free) NOW and join me live tomorrow for this brand new game-changing masterclass. I’m SO excited to share this with you!


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