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Dear Strong One,

In the last 12 years of working with high-achievers in my business, I have noticed something about the Strong One: they are the most prone to burnout.. but why?

An unstoppable leader knows that in order to perform at their highest level, sometimes they need to utilise the strength of others to catapult them forward, fast.

The deeper problem is that we are often so entrenched in our role as the “Strong One” – the one that has all the answers, the one who coaches and helps everyone else – that we don’t know how to receive from others..

It just feels so foreign.

Couple this with a deep belief that people don’t come through for me and BOOM, you have a leader who is hyper-independent and doesn’t make the fast progress they really desire, who feels like they’re spinning their wheels..

It’s not weak to ask for help.
It’s strength.
It’s wisdom.
It’s effective.

But to move into your next level and ask for help, often it’s this fear that we’re going to be shamed for not being good enough, shamed for not knowing the answers, embarrassed that we aren’t as put together as we appear..

And the beautiful thing that I have learned as a recovering Strong One?
The shame is never external, it’s internal. It’s the shame we heap on OURSELVES that we are deeply afraid of..

And when we finally, bravely step into the light and allow ourselves to be seen, the shame disappears..

Because the thing we were deeply afraid of only thrives while we keep it to ourselves. It’s ourselves that we are actually afraid of.

And so, beautiful Strong One, this is good news! If the shame is internal, then we have so much more control of it than what we thought! We don’t need to live in patterns of burnout, low confidence and hiding ourselves..

We can live as the unstoppable leaders we always knew we were fully capable of being – feeling fulfilled, influential, creating 7-fig+ empires that bring enormous contribution to the world.

If you are a driven Strong One with a big heart, who knows you are born to be a high-level leader in the world, but you know yourself – you feel your tendencies for burnout, you sense that these patterns are keeping you spinning your wheels when you are ready for your next level.. I have 2 positions left for The Cocoon (limited 1:1 positions in The Secret Garden too) where together we will release you from the role of Strong One so you can live as authentic YOU, using your energy to build your dream legacy and leave your mark on the world.

You don’t have to be the Strong One forever, it’s a beautiful thing to learn to rest, receive and just relax into an incredibly fulfilling life while achieving all the things your heart truly desires. <3


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