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You can’t build a good 6-figure + business without encountering and overcoming some resistance. This ain’t your first rodeo, I know.

Most of the great coaches, experts and thought-leaders I speak with who have achieved this level of success have built it out of pure hustle, blood, sweat and tears.

Whenever they encounter resistance, they tell themselves to “just push through” and they give themselves a little pep talk to keep moving.. and to some degree, it worked because it has gotten them where they are today.

But for some reason once they hit 6-figures, and leads and cash-flow are sorted; they find themselves frustrated and trying everything to get over this resistance which often looks like an unusual lack of motivation or a confidence slump.

They have a huge vision for their empire. They want to launch a podcast, they can’t wait to write a book that’s going to out-live them, they have a big vision for the legacy they want to leave in this world..


There are many ways resistance can manifest, and it’s so valuable to identify and understand your own individual resistance so that it can be overcome; but to give you an idea, I’ve outlined the most common for entrepreneurs wanting to up-level and generate their legacy work.

RESISTANCE #1: I’m not willing to give this more energy/time/money because something doesn’t feel right.

“If I have to climb up this next mountain, I want to know it’s for a good reason!”
“Is the climb even worth it? Is it even what I want anymore?”

Next Level Mountain (NLM) is the next phase of business that is going to require ALL OF THEM in order to achieve success. Their commitment, their focus, their drive, their passion, their energy, their time, their resources.. All of them. Because it’s where systems and teams are implemented, authority is built and time is tighter.

And at this point – NLM will require MORE of themselves than they’re willing to give because something doesn’t feel right (for whatever individual reason, too many to list).And this is where their old mantra of “just push through” doesn’t cut it anymore, because a part of them is drawing a big, fat, line in the sand.In order to dissolve this resistance, the core issue “something doesn’t feel right” needs to be specifically identified. Whilever it remains vague, resolution will be elusive.

RESISTANCE #2: I’m tired of pushing so hard..

When we first chat, many of my clients are feeling tired and burnt out. One of my clients said she just wanted to go to an island for 6 months!

Often this is because they’ve learned (often from a very young age) that they need to motivate themselves through pure force and hustle. They don’t know any other way to be.And secretly they don’t trust this pushy part of themselves, they know that it is a needy cow that will just keep seeking fresh grass until they are burnt out. And it’s the burnout that they’re afraid of.

The fix ISN’T to go to an island for 6 months, or to have a holiday or hire another team member. In order to dissolve this resistance, they need to resolve the hidden emotional limits that caused them to develop the force/hustle motivation and then step out of proving, pushing, force energy and into a healthy core motivation: purpose.

RESISTANCE #3: If I’m going to put in all this effort and energy, I want to scale with an offer, niche and message that fits my vision and legacy.

If my clients are out of alignment with their offer/niche/message then they will naturally hesitate to scale with it.

They might feel that 50% of their clients drain their energy, or they have an offer that doesn’t feel aligned with their full potential and what they really want to create in the world. If any part of them is questioning their niche, offer or even why they’re doing it.. Then that’s enough to create resistance to up-level and scale.In order to dissolve this resistance, deep self-honesty is required around their core vision and legacy, and clarity on what their true mission and magic are before creating an aligned offer, niche they can grow their empire and impact with.

RESISTANCE #4: If next level success means I have to become someone I’m not, I don’t want it.

There are so many sleazy marketing and sales tactics out there, that I really hear you on this one! But who’s to say that you actually have to become someone you’re not in order to be successful?

I find this resistance comes up for those who have a strong desire to be authentic, and a strong desire not to change based on what other people expect from them. And this is AMAZING! But oftentimes this part of us that strongly desires authenticity is hyper-vigilant and over-protective of us. Its core desires are amazing, but they’re so strong they are now preventing us from our next level.

That’s when it becomes a problem. In order to dissolve this resistance, it’s not that you have to become someone you’re not or lose any part of you. It’s actually that you need to create safety – not for your authentic self – but for the parts of you that are creating resistance, that perhaps have misunderstood what it means to step into success and helping them to feel safe in this new meaning. Once they feel safe, resistance is dissolved and there is no longer an internal identity war.

Once these resistances collapse, it is such a liberating feeling! You’re no longer self-sabotaging, no longer feeling like you’re not making the progress you want (even though you’re working so hard). You are focused and energised, making huge progress towards your next level and creating significance and legacy work that outlives you.

Suddenly a whole world of possibilities opens up to you that you perhaps hadn’t considered or seen before. It’s like you are viewing the world with fresh glasses and no longer feeling weighed down by your own doubts and fears about what’s possible for you.

In one word, it’s LIBERATING!

And so you have a choice: you can stay where you are, feeling bored and frustrated, lacking challenge and spark in your life, knowing that if you don’t change the way you’re approaching your next level, you’ll be caught in this loop forever, living with regret…

Or you can choose to face your resistance, head-on, uncovering exactly what it is that’s slowing you down, and choosing to step up into your greatness – your full income and impact potential and embody the unstoppable world-changing leader you were born to be.

The things I’ve just shared are some of the BIG main things that I address with my clients in my 16 week intensive program – Influencer. It’s a red hot mix of 1:1 and small group that transitions extraordinary coaches, experts and thought-leaders from a unfulfilling businesses to their true meaningful life’s work – the legacy they were born to leave!I also address overcoming self-doubt and limits; choosing a perfect niche, designing a perfect 5k+ offer that EXCITES you, and a message that aligns to you.. And so, so much more.

If you are interested in this program, schedule your free 1:1 call below and we will chat to see if you’re a good fit; and if you are – then BAZINGA!!! – we can get started right away; no more doing it alone in silence.. Just passion, alignment, and doing what you love while you earn what you deserve.

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