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So many great coaches and experts are trying to fix the wrong thing in their business, and they don’t even know it.

They just know that they’re frustrated, they’re taking action, they’ve built a “good” 6-figure business out of pure hustle.. But for this next level, pure hustle isn’t cutting it anymore..

Often when we begin our conversation, it starts with something like “well, my message is the problem, I just don’t know how to articulate it clearly..” or “I just need to find my Why” and after I probe them with a few more powerful questions, it becomes clear to me that the problem is not their message or their Why; the problem is something else, something deeper.

These same coaches and experts are pulling their hair out, trying so many things to fix it, hiring coaches and SO MANY of them have spent 20k, 50k, 100k trying to fix it and knowing this absolutely breaks my heart.

Most coaches and experts who are leading you in the business world are leading you from very limited world-views. They don’t know what they don’t know, and so they come across clients like you – hard-working, coachable, amazing-at-what-you-do clients.. And they don’t know what to do with you when their “world-class” strategies don’t work.

And so the shift of their coaching turns to you: you’re not coachable, it’s your mindset, not their strategy.

This can leave you feeling in such a deep level of frustration you’re almost disheartened and wanting to give up. It can also leave you feeling like YOU are the problem. It worked for everyone else, why not you?

I’m here to tell you, there is nothing wrong with you.

They are viewing the world through a very narrow lens that doesn’t leave scope for nuance and varying life-experiences that have left their mark on people like us.

Diagnosing the REAL problem is 50% of the issue that I see when frustrated coaches and experts come to me after they have invested and they have been coachable. Many of those they are hiring just don’t have the skills or world-view to be able to see the whole picture.

There are 4 lenses they are using to view you, your business and your limits, that are blurring their vision of your problem so that they aren’t seeing the real problem because they just don’t have the expertise and scope in their experience to see all the pieces.


Most coaches and experts come from this lens and that is this – “All I need to know in order to give you advice is what is happening right NOW.” This is a very narrow view of the world as when we give advice from this place we fail to see patterns of behaviours popping up that could give us a bigger picture of the real root problem.

The reason so many entrepreneurs are feeling frustrated and a bit stuck is that they don’t know that they have hidden emotional injuries from the PAST that are creating thoughts, feelings, fears, behaviours and doubts for them NOW. Once these hidden emotional injuries are identified and healed, we suddenly release the past that was secretly keeping us captive and feel weightless and free to up-level and win.


So many view the coaching world through an external-only lens. This means that all the answers are outside of me, I have to constantly be reaching for more, learning more, doing more, finding more. It leaves you on a never-ending search for answers – trying to find the next coach, the perfect niche, the perfect message, another strategy and keeps us investing until we are 20k, 60k, 100k in debt.I believe in a healthy balance between internal and external answers. I believe that we already possess so much of the magic inside of us, but what mostly holds us back are the layers of conditioning and hidden emotional injuries that need to be addressed. Once they are? MAGIC happens, because we trust ourselves and we are in alignment with our best self and what we truly want, our injuries aren’t running our business.

For example, you think you need the perfect message, the perfect wording so you can move forward; but what you really might need is a deep connection to yourself – your authentic self so that you can align your message, niche and offers from there.

That being said, internal-only doesn’t work either. You need solid strategies to grow your business.


This lens breeds this over-simplified thinking – “You come to me needing leads, you come to me needing help on sales calls – I give you help with those things.” Problem solved, right? WRONG.

When we view the world from a strategy-only place we miss the PERSON behind the strategy. If we hand strategy to a person who does not have the emotional capacity to jump over their fears, doubts or if they have hidden emotional blocks and limits then the strategy won’t work. Why? Because the person needs not just the skills, but a level of emotional skill to run with the game-plan.

For example, if you have issues closing sales then a sales coach might give you a sales script, when what you REALLY needed was to resolve the hidden emotional block around feeling guilty for taking people’s money.


And last but not least is potentially the most toxic because it leaves you with a false sense of security, like you’re “dealing with it” is the Mindset-Only Lens. Mindset is a popular topic these days, and many high-level business, sales and marketing coaches have additional mindset coaches on their team to support you, which sounds amazing on the surface. But there are several problems with this:


And often it’s a get in, get out style of mindset coaching because they lack the time to spend with you as you’re on a group call with a hundred others and you get your “help” in a 5 minute pep-talk.. And while it may temporarily give you a boost of motivation and focus, and maybe even an “ah ha!!!” moment, you’ll only have the issue recur down the track.

For example, you might be doubting yourself. They tell you to list all the things that are amazing about you in a brag book, they boost your ego, they help you remember a time when you DID have the skills to do whatever you’re doubting yourself in. But it falls flat a week or two later because it did not address the root cause – the deeper hidden emotional block – of the self-doubt. It just gave you a quick bandaid.

The REAL fix?

You need a Holistic Lens, an approach that allows knowledge from across various disciplines – marketing, branding, sales, mindset, trauma – to be able to accurately diagnose the core problem and to then demolish the root of that problem.

A Holistic Lens says:

  • I understand that the things you have been through have shaped you as a person and the way that you behave, think, feel, see and show up in the world; therefore I am going to understand what has shaped you.
  • My client already possesses the magic inside of them, there is something blocking this magic; therefore I am going to focus on clearing the blocks and limits so the magic can flow naturally.
  • It is important that we zoom out and see how a problem my client is experiencing is a piece of a bigger puzzle; therefore I am going to take time to analyse patterns occurring.
  • I am committed to getting my client the deep shifts needed for long-lasting transformation; therefore I am willing to dive as deep as necessary (and they allow) to make this happen.

I have the privilege of walking alongside so many beautiful, extraordinary coaches, thought-leaders and experts from complete frustration, often not being able to articulate the problem that they face that’s stopping them to become unstoppable and leave their mark on the world.

Once they finally are able to have the REAL problem accurately diagnosed, they are able to utilise their action-taking personality to square it away and they feel LIBERATED to chase their next level!

Like everything is finally possible for them.

Like they were RIGHT about themselves, their potential, their brilliance all along.Like their capacity just expanded ten-fold leaving them with more energy, motivation and focus to grow their legacy and life’s work.


No more frustration.
No more spending tens of thousands without seeing much of a return.
Only progress.
Reaching full potential.
Feeling damn proud of themselves.
And being a world-changing, mission-leading, unstoppable leader.

What I’ve just shared is one of the BIG main things that I address with my clients in my intensive program – Influencer. It’s a red hot mix of 1:1 and small group that transitions extraordinary coaches, experts and thought-leaders from a frustrating, unfulfilling business to their true meaningful life’s work – the legacy they were born to leave!I also address overcoming self-doubt and limits; choosing a perfect niche, designing a perfect 5k+ offer that EXCITES you, and a message that aligns to you.. And so, so much more. If you are interested in this program, schedule your free 1:1 call below and we will chat to see if you’re a good fit; and if you are – then BAZINGA!!! – we can get started right away; no more doing it alone in silence..

Just passion, alignment, and doing what you love while you earn what you deserve. Click here to schedule your free 1:1 Breakthrough Session.


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