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I have coached many incredible coaches and leaders through feelings of failure, defeat and low motivation to become unstoppable and leave their mark on the world.

From it, I know this >>> Failure is a beautiful DEFINING MOMENT.

The moment when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom and have nothing left to give.
The moment when you can’t see the whole path forward.
The moment when you have tried all the things and aren’t seeing the progress you desire.

I have been there.. SO MANY TIMES. Failed business. Failed marriage. Feeling defeated in my auto immune disease. Feeling defeated in my mental health condition (cPTSD). … I could go on.

At every single junction of defeat and failure..
While sitting in the ashes of my hope..
I found it within me to get back up again.
To try again.
To believe again.
To back myself again.

Every single time was a beautiful defining moment.
Every single time was an incredible life lesson.
Every single time was a muscle built.

My friend has this saying, “You never regret a swim”, it’s so hilarious, but I have found it to be true (so far). I want to give you this saying: “You never regret choosing to rise again”

Sure, you might regret it in the short term.
You might not see the solution, the path, the progress straight away.
But in the long term, you will be so grateful you tried again.

That you chose yourself again.
That you chose your purpose again.

Here are the 4 keys to moving beyond the point of defeat and failure:

1. Completely accept yourself with full compassion and give yourself a blank slate. (I don’t use the languaging forgive yourself, you have done nothing wrong) This can be the hardest part for many of my clients, especially driven, high-achieving, perfectionist-types.. we often do in-depth coaching here as this can be the biggest block to them moving forward and creating their 7-figure empire. (This is one of the FIRST things we coach you through).

2. Look at all the ways this rock bottom is actually serving you to your purpose.

3. Anchor in to a purpose that actually excites you. So many people are chasing a dream that’s not even theirs. They’re subconsciously trying to prove themselves, impress someone or perform for someone (generally a parent who’s attention was hard-won). We often spend alot of time coaching in-depth here too to unlock a dream that is authentic to you.

4. Wipe the dust off you, DECIDE to rise, no matter what things look like. It really is a decision. A decision that this is not how your story ends. That you will take the power that you do have and use that power to create change. Sometimes it’s hard to see the power that we do have. This is why having an external coach is so helpful, so we can see the blind spots and help you move into a place of optimism again!

5. Get up and try again because the sun is shining and today is a new day. Failure is what we make it. Defeat is what we make it. For me it means this incredible learning journey – I visualise it like stepping stones across a pond with my goal at the end. Every failure is one step closer to the very thing that I want. You can do this! ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿค

Contact us if you are a usually very driven leader who has a big mission in this world, and is ready to completely wipe the slate clean, renew optimism and build an empire you love! We will look at what’s currently going on for you and will make some suggestions of best next steps to work with me.


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