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When a high achieving coach or expert comes to me frustrated, spinning their wheels despite hard work and says they’re feeling burnt out; I ask them this one question: 👉🏽

“Is it a feeling of physical burnout, or are you feeling emotionally burnt out and it’s impacting the physical?”

They all say b) emotional but impacting the physical.

❌ Feelings of exhaustion and burnout don’t ONLY come from low iron levels!

❌ Or from not getting enough sleep.

❌ Or from spending too many hours working.

There are so many ways we can develop a feeling of burnout in life, in business and in our relationship with God and others..

And these come when we have hidden emotional blocks, resistances and limits that are in our belief systems that are keeping us in our patterns that lead to the feelings of burnout. EXAMPLE:

💡 Dimming your light and playing small can lead to feelings of burnout.. Why? Because you are out of integrity with yourself and what you truly desire. ⁉️ So why can’t we just do what we desire? Because deep down there is a war going on inside us. ⚔️

A war where one part of us wants to go BIG!!! She wants to do all the things, change the world, leave legacy and contribution and live her highest potential! 🌎

And then there’s another part of us that doesn’t feel safe being seen, or maybe she is scared if she’s in front of a larger audience that she’ll be misunderstood.. And so she puts the brakes on.

She’s all “nope, over my dead body!” are you doing that! And she will do everything to sabotage you and keep you playing small because anything else feels UNSAFE for her. But in doing so she is/we are abandoning our true authentic self, over and over again..

Over and over choosing the thing we don’t want..
Over and over kicking ourselves for our choice..

Living out of alignment with our authentic self is EXHAUSTING because this is all going on in the background draining our precious energy that could be spent on building our empires. So it’s this inner war that is the KEY to resolving the feelings of burnout. When you resolve this inner war you find what my clients find!

💎 From burnout and wanting to escape her high-ticket business to an island for 6 months, to excitement, lit-up and energised within 6 weeks!!! (And going on to 50k+ months!)

💎 From highly driven but feeling completely defeated and not excited for the future to feelings of OPTIMISM within one week of working together!

💎 From “I don’t know why I’m even doing this anymore” and spinning her wheels to feeling strong and giving herself permission to be BRILLIANT!

💎 From feeling distant to God to having the BEST prayer she’s had in 1.5 years! Real, authentic, hopeful, asking and being held 🤍🥰

💎 From burning herself out trying to prove herself to feeling a spaciousness to BE herself in 5 weeks! ALL of these clients are high-achievers who had hidden emotional blocks and wars going on that kept them spinning their wheels in frustration..

They just decided to make a change and get the help they needed to transform their lives and businesses, and poured themselves into my coaching and processes. That’s it!

You’re not unique.
You’re not “too complicated”.

\We just need to uncover your hidden emotional blocks and resolve them with a proven process so that you can step into FREEDOM, GREATNESS to leave your mark on the world and live the purpose you were born for. Your next level you is ready and waiting!

If you are a high-achieving coach or leader with a big heart and even big plans to change the world; and you are decisive, driven and action-taking.. And most of all READY and EXCITED to change your life and overcome feelings of exhaustion or burnout and spinning your wheels because SETTLING IS NOT AN OPTION FOR YOU!!!!

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