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Are you in this LOOP with high-ticket sales calls not converting enough? 👇🏽

It may have absolutely NOTHING to do with sales!

Let me explain..

I used to stammer, bumble through, mind turning blank and be filled with critical or anxious thoughts during sales calls.
I was so intensely frustrated!!!!
Feeling defeated.
Like sales calls were a waste of time.
Leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table every month.

And I knew it. 😤😤😤
I knew I was smart.
Amazing at what I did.
Completely capable of getting the client the result they were paying me for.

Yet still I would come up against these limits and it would result in me losing the sale.

Can you relate?

Just imagine for a minute sitting on the other end of a call with someone who didn’t feel present with you, someone who felt like they were following a script, someone who was clearly very nervous..

How does that FEEL to you? In your body? In your gut?

It feels like a lack of confidence.
It feels like a lack of certainty.
It feels like gamble.
It feels like it’s breeding anxiety in me too!

I was so desperate to get it “right”.
Do and say all the right things.
Tick all the boxes.
Be coachable and follow the “script”.

It was so intense in my head it was almost impossible to be present with the potential client.

That the connection that needs to be there so that a client feels safe and certain I can help them, and that I understood them just wasn’t there.

It was an intense cycle that I couldn’t seem to shift..
⬇ Get a call booked
⬇ Hyper-prep for the call
⬇ Feel nervous and try to calm myself or try to be “high vibe” before the call.
⬇ During the call: really in my head, trying to be all the things and tick all the boxes
⬇ Potential client feels unsafe and doesn’t purchase even though they would’ve been a great fit!
⬇ Intense frustration at time and opportunity wasted
⬇ Self blame
⬇ Loud inner critic (I should’ve said this.. ah I’m so X)
⬇ and repeat!

It leaves you feeling really defeated and like you’re wrong about your purpose..
Wondering how many more times you can do it..
Questioning if it’s your offer, your sales script, the other person on the call.. trying again and again and not making the progress you want 🤷🏽‍♀️

It was like this for me for years – very hit and miss – before I finally got to the heart of it.
The issue wasn’t the script or the strategy.
I didn’t need to knuckle down and master it more (I already had).

>>>>>> I needed to uncover and release whatever was causing my nervous system to lose regulation.

So many don’t even know this but they are in fight/flight/fawn/freeze mode while they are on the call.

And maybe not even the whole call.. it could just be the part where you talk about your offer, or the investment/price, or even objection handling.
And so there is an anxious energy on the call that doesn’t belong there..

>>>>>> I needed to move through the resistance that was coming up in a compassionate and loving way. This is the opposite of what you’re taught in most hard-hitting, high-ticket sales programs. But it works!
✅ Suddenly you deeply trust yourself on your calls rather than needing to follow a rigid script that, let’s face it, you probably don’t feel aligned with anyway. (AND you walk away with the sale)
✅ You feel so calm and confident before and during a sales call that you actually look forward to the call!
✅ You have GENUINELY released the outcome of the call and can just relax into a beautiful nourishing conversation.. so the client doesn’t feel any needy/lack energy from you. WITHOUT wasting time.
✅ You feel liberated because you know that everything is possible for you now that you don’t get all blocked up on your sales calls! And most importantly:
✅ The potential client on the other side of the call feels your confidence, feels your certainty, feels your commitment to helping them that they gladly hand over their VISA to pay 10k USD for your game-changing program. 💰

Finally, earning the income you deserve and living up to your wildest dreams of everything you always deep down you knew you were capable of: creating ripples of impact while contributing to causes you are deeply connected to.

Clearing sales and money blocks is one of the areas of hidden emotional blocks that we release in my 8 week intensive program, The Cocoon.

Uncover your EXACT hidden emotional resistances, limits and blocks that are creating this problem (and so many others!!!) so that your nervous system is regulated and you’re calm during your calls.

🤍 Learn my simple, proven Inner Alignment Process(TM) to quickly move beyond these blocks into effortless 5k+ sales, aligned clients and impact!

🤍 Take your power back on sales calls and every area of your business, life and relationships so that YOU are the leading lady / man in this incredible story of your life!

🤍 Stop bashing yourself up for past mistakes, lack of sales conversions and missteps so that your Inner Critic no longer has fuel to use against you and you make bigger bolder and faster moves!

🤍 Learn how to get out of your head on the call so your client on the other end is feeling so deeply connected to you they are ready to pay you 5k+ NOW.

My client M moved from 5k months to 50K+ month by releasing her hidden emotional blocks.

My client J removed her hidden emotional blocks and grew her income exponentially by over 600%!

It’s ALL possible for you too. Limited positions available.

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