Adj. Free to move forward without being slowed, stopped or the path made additionally difficult.

Shatter the ceilings of perfection, religious Christianity and religion to connect to God and unlock a life of deeper peace, purpose and potential.

EVEN IF you are angry God or religious people
EVEN IF you don’t know how to get past what happened
EVEN IF you don’t know where to start to untangle it all

Join me live for a life-changing, unprecedented, free 3-part mini course:

Unhindered Mini Course Leah Samara

I get it, I really do.

I was raised in a religious Christian family. One mental health professional described it as “cult-like”.

I’ll share more of my story in the training.. but this will be a safe, trauma-informed space where we will explore this challenging topic AND where you’ll be encouraged and inspired to reclaim your power for your future and the future of those who follow you.

Life changing! I’ll see you in there.

LS x

shatter those ceilings

Unhindered is a free mini course, presented live in 3 parts on 26th, 27th & 28th July 2022 for the driven female CEO or leader who wants to connect to God and unlock extraordinary levels of peace, purpose and potential in her lifetime

(even if she’s had challenging experiences with religion in the past)

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