5 Shifts To Earn More For Your Expertise By Confidently Communicating Your Unique Value

(even if you feel like an imposter)

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  • The step-by-step game plan you need to powerfully communicate your unique expertise (in 60 days!) so you can stop leaving TENS of THOUSANDS on the table because you avoid promoting yourself.
  • The under-the-radar method one client used to stop underselling, increase income by 350% and built rock-solid confidence in their expertise even though they initially felt like a complete fraud!
Why traditional rebranding is the WORST strategy for positioning yourself as the ultimate expert and how you can stop being limited by a misaligned brand TODAY.
The secret to becoming the OBVIOUS CHOICE for high-end clients and dream projects while CONFIDENTLY charging premium rates (it’s possible!).
  • How to future-proof your brand through pivots and rapid growth so NOTHING limits your next-level plans, even though you can’t predict the future and know you’ll have a million ideas between now and then..
  • AND.. how to do all of this with renewed focus, purpose and passion, reaching your next level faster.. and making yourself damn PROUD.
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Presented by Leah Bridge

Owner of The Golden Goose Consulting. We help experts earn more by helping them believe in, communicate and package their unique value so they can confidently promote it and step up to dominate their niche.
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